Property Raffle

I'm doing some research on this at the moment and need some feedback...

If a property was being raffled what sort of property should it be to interest you in buying a ticket?

What location would it need to be in?

How much should the ticket be?

Would the property type be reflective of the ticket price?

How many tickets would you buy?

What extra's would you want thrown in?

What sort of charity should the proceeds go to?

Any feedback would be great!

What a great question.

What would we be interested in...

I guess there are two thoughts,

1: Buy the dream:
A Big dream home, fully furnished, on a canal or waterway, with a car in the garage (included in raffle). A-la Boystown.

2: Investors paradise:
A Block of units, or a nice, easilly rented couple of townhouses in a good, central location, close to transport, shopping and schools.

It is difficult to know which to choose.

I guess I would go with #2, because that way I could buy the #1 that suited me, in the location that suited me.

As for the other questions:

How much should the ticket be?

Depends on whether you are going for volume sales. You can price the tickets at $100 and go for exclusivity, or at $2 and look for volume. They are both meritous methods, the only thing I would say is that at $2 you have to look at the logistics of being able to sell them. I guess $5 or $10 is about right.

Would the property type be reflective of the ticket price?
No, but it would be reflective of the volume of total tickets available. If I knew the ticket numbers were limited, I would be more likely to buy one, as my odds of success were enhanced.

How many tickets would you buy?
Usually, none, I never win. :(
But for you! OK, I'll take 2 (as long as they are under $11 each!) :)

What extra's would you want thrown in?
A car, if it's the luxury one, maybe an investor package, comprising of a years accountancy (from Dale, of course) and some Airline tickets to go looking for more IP if it's the second.

What sort of charity should the proceeds go to?
Healthcare or children.
i.e: Research into some form of illness, or a childrens hospital.
If I had to choose, I would say Autism Australia, then their waiting list for counsellors may be able to be shortened...

That's my $.02 hope it helps!!

asy :D
G'Day all

I don't buy a lot of lottery tickets but I recived one of those Boystown type offers in the mail about 18 months ago that got my interest.

Twas a Gold Coast property, consisting of 6 apartments and a penthouse on top.
The brochure stated that a certain dollar amount return could be achieved by renting out the 6 apartments while one lived in the penthouse themselves.

Of course there was also book buyers prizes and from memory I think one of these was a new Benz.

Not that I really wanted to win (not much), but the thought of helping out this worthy charity made me go online and buy a book (5 tickets, I think).

Cost was about $20-00 a ticket.

Did I win??.....lets just say I still reside in Victoria.


Cant find the link but a group call "Boy's Town" raffle property in QLD every month to fund raise. See if you can find their site.

Michael G
i receive all those boystown things and sometimes i buy tickets in them, to no avail unfortunately. they work on a low cost high volume structure.

i've spoken with them about their processes and how many tickets they sell, what their margins are, what percent they are required give to the charity etc etc

and i've also spoken with the Dept of Gaming to get their regulations

and i've also spoken with a select list of charities that i'm interested in to get their feedback - which is all very positive

now, i just need the feedback from the public.

I’ll have to admit I occasionally buy the odd raffle ticket, but only on the apartment block prizes that Jakk mentioned earlier. There is something very appealing about them, must be the investor in me!!

The only other ones that I have seen that I’ve even thought twice about were ones that gave you a choice of either a Gold Coast home or a townhouse in Melbourne…..I’m sure they have different ones for each state! I didn’t buy any, but considered it.

I also don’t think $10 is an unreasonable amount to charge. I would even be happy to pay $20 a ticket for a charity that was close to my heart. These being the leukaemia foundation, cancer council, one of the children’s cancer support groups. Or, any of the major children’s hospitals around the country.

Ruby :)