Property swapping



From: E T

hello forum
I am currently dealing with a vendor who is
retired and has a 20 yo child living
with him . He claims to be very short of
money and refuses to advertise the prop
due to cost . He has a unique parcel of
land but the house needs some serious money
and he has been sitting there with an asking price about 60/80 K over market for 6 months.I have not made an offer yet because
I wanted to get to know him and was tossing
up about offering him an option or very long
Today he suggested we swap houses(ours is
renovated and not much left to do).
If you were to swap outright I am told that
stamp duty would be triggered as soon as titles change hands the same as a sale.
Has anyone swapped a property and did you
do something different to the above .
This is in Victoria.

Thanks in advance
p.s we were looking for an i/p and stumbled
across this and saw tremendous potential
here for our family so this would become
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