QLD - Covering an outdoor porch area - need council permits?

Discussion in 'Adding Value' started by bmercury, 21st Jun, 2015.

  1. bmercury

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    24th Mar, 2010
    Melbourne, VIC
    I have an IP that has a rear outdoor paved area of approx 4x2m. It has a wood frame for a verandah roof, it appears it may have had shade cloth covering it in the past. The frame is sturdy, 100x100 posts and significantly overengineered in my opinion.

    However there's no tin or laserlite roof. I wonder why.

    Can I simply hire a tradesperson to put laserlite and guttering, plumbing it into the nearest stormwater or do I need to go through council for a permit to put a roof on it?
  2. Michael Kelly

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    22nd Nov, 2013
    Perth WA
    You do need council approval to cover it as your changing it from a pergola to a covered patio. The timber sizes and spans are different for a covered patio but as you've said it looks over engineered hopefully it's already built to hold roof cover..

    I would first check with the council to make sure it's not already approved as a covered patio.. they should have any plans that were submitted for the original approval..
  3. gaiusb

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    1st Jan, 2014
    Michael is correct.

    Chances are though that the existing pergola was never approved, so putting a roof on it you'd best to contact a private certifier and get it done.

    If it was already approved as a pergola, no one will probably notice or care if you put a roof and gutter on it though. It will just probably come up if you sell the property and the purchaser/conveyancer picks on it, but I doubt they will care.