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From: John Sheather

Hi Everyone
I've heard a bit on using qs's before.
However are they of any use on smaller
projects like the slab and carport we've
just added or the full kitchen we've
replaced in another?
Even though the cost is known.
If not,are they only used for accessing
the value of fittings etc,after purchase or
major reno?

Thanks John
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From: Terry Avery

If you know the cost of the carport and kitchen then you would have receipts
to prove the cost and that is the start point for claiming depreciation. A
QS is of value where you buy a property and the owner refuses to divulge
information on what renos cost (you might bargain him down if you knew). For
the value of other fittings where you have just purchased a house then a QS
should be able to give you a depreciation schedule and also determine the
construction cost for claiming building allowance.
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From: John Sheather

Thanks for your reply
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