Queendlander Granny Flat - Add another bedroom

I bought a Queendlander house in North-West Brisbane. Living room, 3 bedrooms, bath room and toilet are upstairs. And there are a rumpus, separate bathroom, toilet and kitchenette downstairs.

I intend to divide the Rumpus to add another bedroom downstairs. However, the Estate agent advised me that the ground floor height does not meet the legal requirements. Therefore, we cannot advertise the new downstairs bedroom as a bedroom.

My questions are:

1) Can we advertise the downstairs as a granny flat if I add a new bedroom?

2) Do you think the property value and rent will increase if a new downstairs bedroom is added?

3) There is a very large veranda. Do I have to apply for Council permit to convert it to a bedroom?

All the ideas and comments are appreciated.

If the downstairs area is not legal head height then it is not legal for someone to live there. You could not rent it out separately.
Thanks for you advice.

However, can it be kid retreat area? I have attached the photos anyway.


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