quick exchange in Canberra???

Since Guzumping is still possible in Canberra, as it can take weeks for contracts to exchange, does anyone know how to speed up the process to ensure contact exchange quickly???

I have read people talking about making sure you get hands on to get the contracts exchanged.

some advice on how to do this would be appreciated!

thank you
no i dont sorry, but i understand your concern, once at band camp, i took my very, very tired baby girl to an open house, and turned the heater off, as so others were uncomfortable, while we were waiting for exchange, lol
We have had to wait 2-4 weeks to exchange in several cases, courtesy of slow banks and in one case mishandling by a broker.

We made an effort to keep a steady pulse of activity. The building inspection first half of the week, pest inspection second half, feedback from the building inspection early in the second week, feedback from the pest inspection a couple of days later, etc. We tried to make sure that every couple of days there was "news" for the agent and vendor to keep the momentum up. So far we've been successful in keeping them comfortable and focused on us with this approach.