Rain Days

From: Gee Vee

We are having an IP built and the builder is claiming days of rain and lack of scaffold as part of a reason he has not/did not complete the project by the due date.
There is provision in the contract for this, but I have not kept enough of a record of wet days (although there hasn't been many).
Is there a web site that has such records?
I haven't heard of any but if someone knows please post an address as it would be greatly appreciated.
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From: Sim' Hampel

You might be able to find some information at the bureau of meteorology website...


I had a quick look but couldn't find exactly what you are after. Maybe you could email someone there and ask.

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From: Fiona H

Yes, wet weather does count as an extension of time under many contracts.

Firstly, is there a completion bonus and/or late penalties involved here? What is at stake with determining this claim for extension of time? or it is only semantics?

I suggest you check (read) the contract carefully to see what it says about how a wet weather day is defined, and most importantly, what notification is required. Most contracts I've seen (admittedly commercial construction) have notification periods. eg. the Builder must notify the client/project manager of a wet weather day claim within 5 days of the said wet weather. If they dont, they cant claim an extension of time later for it.

Most builders/foreman keep a site journal day-to-day. You could ask to see this!?!

Trouble with the Met reports is it pour down in one place and not at the Met station, so these could favour you, or not....

I cant see that the lack of a scaffold qualifies for an extension of time. That sounds like his bad planning.

Good Luck.
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