Recommend a hot water unit for a unit??

Well i jinxed myself this morning, i was chatting with a friend and expressing my need to become more frugal when i get a call from my property manager telling me the hot water system in the unit (2 bedroom) has packed it in after 8 years of use. (warranty was 7yrs :()

we were quoted $990 to supply and install the same (Gas Dux Proflo 135ltrs).

should i just get it done or ring around.

Any help G.R.E.A.T.L.Y appreciated :D
1 option is to checkout the unit price at bunnings; and get a quote from install assist (you will find the number/brochure in bunnings) to install the same
Bunnings is the cheapest place for hot water services? Really? :eek:
Any decent plumbing supplies business should well and truly beat them.
Bunnings is the cheapest place for hot water services? Really? :eek:

I agree. They are not the cheapest; but (in my personal experience) the option for least hassle.

You can physically checkout the actual water heater; buy it; and then have it installed within a hr or two (my experience). Saves the hassle of having to ring around, get quotes, etc.
thanks for replies. i have decided just to go with the quote :confused:

after a bit of research on the internet it seems reasonable for supply and install. I don't really feel like ringing around to try and save $50.

i don't know a thing about hot water units except that cheaper is not always better and i didn't want to install an over the top one either (it has only ever had widowed little old ladies living in it)