Refurb wooden panelling in bathroom

Hi all

Our main bathroom has yukky wood panelling around the bath and up the bath wall.

It looks pretty bad, with the wood getting on age-wise and it is marked and worn (patchy) in places.

As a short-term fix, before we gut the bathroom and start again (with tiles), we thought we'd repaint the panels to improve the look a bit.

I'd very much appreciate advice on a good product to use - waterproof paint or lacquer? Are there any particular tricks to doing this?

You need to first paint the wood with a product from Zinsser (this will lock in any stains or wood 'bleeding' through the finished paint job). Then apply 2 coats of either oil based or water based enamel.
each to there own but in my opinion the product you need is fire, burn the lot and tile the entire bathroom, they create mould issues , and have no room in the residential bathroom, yucky yucky , :confused:
Yup that's what we plan to do. But not while it's tenanted. At least not during the current tenancy. we're after a short term solution for now. Thanks Prop'ty, we'll look into your suggestion