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just a quick suggestion - maybe someone can put up a resourses page or similar. So many people post up attachments and the like that are very useful (calculators, forms etc).

Perhaps it might be useful to have all these attachments etc posted onto one page for easy searching.

any thoughts?
The Melbourne Property Investors Network (MPINet) did exactly this sort of suggestion before the Freestylers network started.

I believe that there is a lot of merit in this as it allowed everyone to submit to a database for all to share. I only wish that I could remember the address as there was a lot of good articles in it.

It had such things as;

1. Calender with reminders for meetings
2. Photo album
3. Polls
4. Internet addresses

and a swag of other things that I can't remember. It was so easy to use as well.
It had such things as;

1. Calender with reminders for meetings

Yup, got that.

2. Photo album

We are testing this (shhh... it's a secret)

3. Polls

Yup, got that

4. Internet addresses

Yup, can do that.

So what more do you need ? :D
If I can remember the address, I can access the thing and see if there was anything else that this forum is lacking. From memory, I think everything is pretty much covered.

Does anyone remember the address to MPINet?
Hi Joanna,

Perhaps it might be useful to have all these attachments etc posted onto one page for easy searching. - from Post #1
We have a forum called Information Resources where people can post attachments. Obviously over time there will be many attachments. Since the search facility doesn't cater for searching for attachments, the only other option is to create a links page somewhere, either as a sticky page on this forum or a links page on AMG. However, a links page has to be maintained by someone. What do you think, Sim?

Hi again,

Remember that old saying by Hanibal Lechter: "There's more than one way to skin a ...."

Well, perhaps there is another way to group all the attachments together no matter when they were posted. For this trick to work all the attachments must be posted or moved to one forum. Information Resources will do.

Now when you post your attachment, remember to go to Rate This Thread and select the number 5 which we all agree to rate posts with attachments.

Now, go and double click Information Resources from the main menu and a list of all the forum threads will appear with the recent threads on page 1 and the others hidden on page 2 etc.

Notice that there are column headers which if clicked will sort the column by ascending or descending order. So thats great if you want to sort post titles or names alphabetically. Now all the posts with attachments will have the number 5 in the Rating column. Click the header and sort. Bingo! All posts with the number 5 will appear grouped together. Now you can download the attachments one after the other. Do I get into the Forum Hall of Fame for this idea? :D

To make this more obvious, if Sim changed the Rating function wording from Rate this Thread to Rate this Attachment and set only two options 1) default (Select a rating); & 2) 5 then 5 is the option selected when an attachment is made.

Anyway, that idea suffers from the fact that people may forget to do that but I'm sure Sim can come up with a way along those lines. Threads with attachments must be differentiated in some way to enable them to be grouped in a sorting process.

Regards, Mike
Hmm... nice idea Mike, but I would really prefer to keep the thread rating as a thread rating. For those people who only occasionally browse the forums, and for those people who simply can't keep up with the volume of posts, the thread rating system is extremely useful to determine which threads are must reads.

What we are really after it seems is a content organiser product. Funnily enough, the company I work for sells several products that do this really well. Unfortunately, as much as Ian likes spending money on useful things - I'm not sure he's going to want to spend THAT much ! (we're talking 4 or 5 zeros on the end of the price tag !).

We are evaluating some programs that do this with images - a photo gallery application... what we need is something similar to manage attachments.

An easy way of doing it would perhaps be to have an FTP server with upload access, and a moderated forum where people can post details of the file with a link. This is a much much more efficient way of managing files and downloading them... we really don't want large attachments in the database for the forum.

I'll look into it.
Originally posted by dionysus888
I beleive the Melbourne Property Investors forum was hosted by

Thanks dionysus888. Spot on with that address.

As I suspected, there are some features that are missing from this forum and currently under review. e.g. The MPINet site had a directory for;

- Links (Great for Newbies)
- Pictures
- Files (Summary of Speakers Notes)
- Advertisements (A.K.A. Caveat Emptor here)

The site was started on the 27Jul01 and died as a result of Freestylers filling the requirement soon after.

Getting back to the Resources Page. Is it silly to ask for an editable Definitions Page or something similar?

I've been reading the forum for quite a few moons and in the beginning I had a little difficulty catching up with all the acronyms. eg. LMI IMHO etc.

I'm OK. with them all now, I just thought it would help the newbies.
I think a TLA FAQ is best IMO :D

Seriously though, I think Mike's Apprentice Millionaire Guide would be a good place for it. Mike... add a "jargon buster" list to your list of things to do ! :p