Should I furnish/partly furnished my 2 br unit?

Hi everybody,
I have a 2 br unit in West Ryde coming up for rent early May. Because the bedrooms are roughly equal size and not too wide but the unit is extremely convenient, ever since I've owned the place I've always seemed to have attracted tenants where the tenants have been two single guys in my unit working closeby (eg. Rhodes) or in the city rather than couples or families with 1 or 2 small kids. They tend to stay 1 year or slightly longer due to work contracts then they go. (Most of my tenants have been from India.) It's less than a minute to trains, buses etc.

I was wondering, in the next tenancy, should I offer the unit partly furnished? I was thinking some wardrobes, drawers, a dining table and chairs, coffee table, sofa.

Plus or minus washing machine (combined washer dryer), maybe tv (though that could be personal taste?) maybe not fridge,
If bedding probably I'd supply 2 double frames (queens will take up more based space, singles... I think too small). I'm not so keen on supplying mattresses as that's also a personal sort of item.

But of course, if I supplied bed frames then the ones I supply mightn't be the right size for the prospective tenants so it's a bit hard for me.

My property manager doesn't think it's a good idea, saying that it works better in the inner city or North Sydney and that they charge more managing fees for furnished properties but I don't think it's such a bad one given that the majority of my tenants have come specifically to Australia without their families to work. I used to have a really awesome property manager who was always easy to talk to and gave me very sound advice but this one... I'm not so sure she is as diligent as my previous manager. She hasn't advised me to raise any rents and I've had to advise her, I also noticed the online ads had multiple photos of the same things so I had to ask her to take them off and the wording off the ad is exactly the same as it was in the past... Top Ryde shops are hardly new anymore.

I wanted to view the unit before any opens and I found a heck of a lot that needed to be done (mould in bathroom, doors not aligning, some lights not working, kitchen floorboards better off being replaced) to it so I've requested her to not schedule it for an open again till I fix up those matters, which will unfortunately be after the tenants move out but I've never had problems renting the place out quickly to quality tenants due to its' convenient location. I'm not sure my PM has actually walked in the unit herself and viewed it as I am as sure as heck wouldn't dare to show the unit with the mould in the bathroom.
It's really the mould which I really wasn't keen on prospective tenants seeing.

What are your opinions kind Somersofters?
Should I possibly partly furnish it, and secondly I guess, does anybody know of really proactive PMs in the West Ryde area?

Here is a link to the property
Actually, so strange they have 2 photos of the kitchen but none of say the living room, bedroom or a bathroom... Not so happy about that...
Hi Gockie

We had a furnished 2 bedder in a nice Meriton complex at Hornsby complete with pool, gym etc. We naively paid a fair bit more for some really hip furniture, it was the only furnished place in this 7 storey building but our property manager always said it would take longer to rent as that was a niche market with only a few people looking for furnished accommodation.

We never had it vacant for longer than 2 weeks over the 10 years we held it but this would largely depend on your potential renters. If these are workers here on short term leases then a furnished apartment would have that added appeal. Suggest you talk to a few other property managers in the area to gauge their thoughts.
Thanks Cherry Pro,
Will talk with other PMs in the area for their thoughts. This unit appeals to that sort of person, who comes here for work from overseas without their family.

The other thing I was thinking too is that perhaps I can self manage it... It's located just a 4 minute train ride from work and I currently pass it on my way to and from work each day anyway...
Hey Gockie,

Generally speaking (because we advertise properties all around Australia) if you are looking for long term tenants (more than 1 year) about 90% of them would have their own furniture so my believe is that you cut your market hugely if you ONLY offer a furnished property.

I think you should have in your ad "Property can be furnished, call for more information". That way you don't cut your market out BUT if someone is looking for a furnished property they can request and you guys can discuss what kind of furniture they want and then what the extra cost in rent it would be.

PS: I think the Kitchen photo should atleast be the second photo. The first two photos are not that appealing.
Thanks Michael. I like your thoughts.
And Damn. They haven't put a picture of the living area in the ad as I had requested either....