sub division

There is a 2 story house being built next to my parents house. It is on a subdivision and squeezes in this small are next door and looks awful. It comes right up against the fence with a retaining wall sitting 30cm from our fence.
The house covers part of our back fence .

They now have their backyard looked into from this new house so the privacy is gone. The fence itself is looking like it is sagging as there is nothing to hold it up anymore on half the length

WE hate it.

Is there anything we can do . We have been to VCAT and what a waste of time that is.
if they have made an application to the council for a boundary relaxation and it has been approved, them tough luck i my opinion...

i have done exactly the same thing with a block im developing a scums next door so they were not an issue.

keep in mind you dont own the land next door but i do understand the issue your parents have...

call it progress or otherwise thats the price you pay for development these days..

have your parents had their block checked to ensure the boundaries are ok? cost will be approx $1500 or so...I dare say the new development may have had a surveyor run his ruler over it beforehand.....

you can fight the issue in the courts...if you have very deep pockets..not worth the effort I don't feel...
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