Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly

Hi there, thanks for you time and care.

Although it seems obvious
Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly?

Yes we can leave them, however the property is in Darwin and we have heard most PM's up there are....

The old tenant moved out, a new tenant was approved, a visit was planned but said we couldn't visit as the new tenant was busy moving in. A month later, there is no rent. Asked PM where is the rent. PM said what rent? The property is vacant.
Over the phone it was discovered that the new tenant never actually moved in and the PM didn't notify or advertise for new tenants so the property was and still is empty. We asked them to pay for extra advertising to get the property rented however I wonder what alternatives or suggestions are available.

(Had a poor PM in Townsville earlier this year however switched PM and the new one is doing well)

Appreciate suggestions, Thank you all.
The was a Darwin PM who used to come here. I heard she was very good. Her name is Jody Foster and the company is Foster and Tarrant. I think they just do management i.e. no sales.
wow that is horrible Adrian.

Obviously I think you should change agents or do it yourself.

However to answer your question. Seems like you'll have to keep calling them everyday. MANAGE the manager.

Hassle hassle hassle. until they find a tenant. Then when they do, a few months later, end the agreement and manage it yourself cause you can't trust that agent to do ANYTHING.
(I'm assuming you don't live local so it may be tougher for you to find a tenant but atleast you could manage it at a distance if you have decent tenants in there).

Good luck
Follow the advice above and contact the recommended agents and ask them to take over immediately. They'll take care of the changeover. I wouldn't let inefficient managers have a chance to do more damage. It is better to pay out the management fee as a good manager will save you money from the start with good tenant selection.
There is a marketing period specified in the management contract. If they have exceeded that period you can legally cancel contract and move to a more proactive property manager.

If not - give them the appropriate time frame to terminate the contract.
A new pm will be able to help you out with paperwork and appropriate letters and they should do it all for you.
First find another agent then terminate the current agent. The new agent will assist in the handover. Forget about the contract termination notice period, if there is one, and terminate them immediately you have a new agent.
Next time don't sign a contract with an agent if the contract specifies a termination notice period. If it is like here in WA then the contract favours the agent and not the owner.
For the past 25 years I have always deleted the termination clauses, and others, from the contract before returning it to the agent for them to sign. They always sign!
Over those 25 years I sacked plenty of agents but only a couple of tenants. Agents are more of a problem with rental properties than tenants.
After all that ensure you manage the agent closely until they prove they are honest and competent. And the when they prove they are honest and competent manage them anyway - otherwise you'll get ripped off !!