Thank you for a good read

Just popping in. We haven't done much investing for quite some time. But, my DH was cleaning out the garage the other day and found a copy of "Building wealth Story by Story" by Jan Somers.

It's kind of interesting. I was connected to this forum via a different forum member, who I don't know first hand. When we looked at the book it was given to us, by someone that I can't remember, but his phone number is there! We had not connected the book or the forum before, as they seemed to come along at different points in our journey. Then we realized that somewhere along our life path in the last 15 years, we have been slowly but surely encouraged by other people to build our own personal wealth. Not by people selling seminars or formulae's for winning the 'jack pot'. The kind of gentle help by those that are just happy to share, because they are just happy to help share the information and hope that we do well.

The book has encouraged us further to invest. I see another property in our near future. My DH who is not a book reader has been reading this book every spare moment he has! Thank you.