Thanks Melbourne.

Well i have worked my butt of over the last few months , due to the bailing of my business partner , 5am starts and 6&7pm finnishes ... so broke i could not do any thing for my wife who turned 40 young years old.

So the time was right, i booked three days at the Oaks on market and surprised her and little miss 9 that we were going to melbourne to eat and shop, the thursdat came and they were told that evening that we were to be flying out tomorrow and the cab was booked for 5am to take us there.
I told them to pack nothing but there toothbrushes .....
so early in the morning i removed all of their clothes they had packed " he he they could'nt believe it . we boarded the plane with three bags containing just tooth brushes , lots of fun seeing my wife out of her controling elament.
three solid days of bargain shoping and we just got home , four bags full of new clothes and some amaizing memories as well so thank you melbourne , and i promise to be back again for all of the other sights next time , cheers craigb.:):D
How fantastic craig!

What a great idea. I was in the city with my hubby & kids today. We could've met up for lunch!

I hope your wife & daughter enjoyed every minute.

That is such a lovely thing you did. I love Melbourne, we went there last year for a few days and my kids had an absolute ball when they were able to buy what ever they wanted. Sad thing is with teenagers that grow so much the son has almost grown out of some of the bargains he got.
i had one issue, and it was with this....... there we sat eating, i assume the best foods in australia direct from the victoria market deli's prosuto's cheeses,salami's crisonts sun drieds etc , food that would have been imported and supplied from all over the world,Delies that i assume would be in a second generation ownership, and people choose to line up at the macdonalds store accross the road to get fries ? :confused:
i explained this to my 9yo little miss and she said they were crazy, :D
So where are all these bargains in Melbourne?


our visits were , the main st in Richmond, most were 70% off sales and last days closing down , then the victoria markets they were well priced but the typical jackets and undies that come from china,
docklands have their DFO stores and plenty of them lots of 2for1 and 70% off sales , my 9yo loved supre'e on Bourke st , and all of those little basement shops all on sales , almost cost , i think we could be headed for the dbl dip recession , one would be forgiven thinking this way after these sales i went to anyway.
Thanks Craig.

Will keep those places in mind next time I'm in Melbourne. Have never really taken the time to do shopping in Melb whenever I've been down there, but have heard (or at least my wife has :rolleyes:) good reviews for shopping.

Gees how could you not know about Melbourne's bargains. Last year they still had winter stock out (in November), and we got really thick coats for $15 for the kids, $25 for me, tshirts designer and fake designer for the son who still thinks he is the bees knees for next to nothing, the daughter well she was soooooooooo happy with dresses that noone here has and so many shoes she could be the next Imelda Marcous.

I had had to force my kids to come with me to a friends wedding, I went all out and stayed in a more upmarket hotel then I would normally have, and we walked and walked and trammed and trained so much in just a few days as well as spent much obligatory time with my girlfriend lol cut dramatically in to our shopping time.

Also went to the Eureka Tower which a lot of my Melbournian friends have not been to, well worth visiting there although best to do it in the morning. At that time you could also visit at night with the same ticket on the same day but unfortunatly we did it on our last day so could not fit that in, next time as the night lights would have been magnificant.