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From: Synth Boy

Hmmm.... with a Federal election looming around - and that we are likely to be changing Governments (on current polls), what does a changing Government affect in terms of IP?

I mean, for instance, money markets go a bit strange for awhile with the uncertainty of somebody new. This must affect things to a degree. ie. stock market, aussie dollar, interest rates.

What do people feel is gonna happen?
(Assuming you have bought crystal balls from the MIND SPIRIT AND BODY FESTIVAL) ;-)

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From: Sergey Golovin


Any Government elect will be there only for 3 years unless they are re-elected.

Hopefully if they do some damage it would be not as big as we have already witnessed (GST) and alike.

So, cut the long story shot, next Government whoever they are, would be very busy trying to patch up the "dam" and stop the leaks. This is where all recourses will be allocated to - repairs or sustaining what is already in place.

I don not think they will be too fussy or too choose. So do we.
They would be mad to introduce any further dramatic changes at least first term in the Office.

And what are the next dramatic changes? - Global warming, education, salinity, agriculture, health, low and order (police and army), space (exploration), technology and science, capital (money) and finance, community and immigration.

Take your pick where would the next strongest impact be...

The full impact of the GST (potential income from new tax system) will take at least 2-3 years to allow them to move on or introduce anything drastically new.

So, fingers cross.

Serge G.
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From: Simon and Julie M

My two cents worth on the subject.
Why do we need a crystal ball when we have yesterdays news and experiences to learn from?
Was it some famous person who said. "The main thing a person learns from history is that most people don't learn from history."

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