the 'it list

i guess this is an offshoot - or carry on - from the bucket list ... but sounds so much cooler.

hubby and i went out to dinner together, child free, for the first time in ... ummm ... forever - and after a few wines the discussion turned to "what do we want to do in the future."

was rather interesting. hubby who has a full time, and fullfilling, job has nothing on his 'it list except to (vaguely) smell the roses. whereas, as a stay at home mum who does a zillion different jobs a week has a list a mile long:

- spend 6-12 months living in europe
- spend anzac day at the french celebration
- create (secret product) and market
- write 2 different children's books series that are already started
- build an eco-friendly house
- buy an acerage and set up two luxury self-contained cottages
- build several townhouse lots
- go on a real african safari (already done the day trip thing)
- spend 2 weeks working with orangatan rescue in bourneo

etc etc

hubby still had nothing ...
Wow Lizzie, you've had time to think about this haven't you?

Let's see my list...
1. Go to Paris and really live it and experience it
2. Trip around Australia
3. Go to where I was born (England), visit the Queen
4. Get a large propety portfolio so money is no longer an issue
5. See my kids do well and live happily
6. Start a doll club (stop laughing, I collect dolls)
7. Eventually live the summer months here in Vic and
then travel or live near a nice QLD beach the other months.

I think I'd better stop there, this is addictive isn't it? :p

Your secret product sounds interesting, Lizzie ;).
haha - thanks twobobs.

actually, the conversation started with "what is "it" that i/you want to do, that will leave a footprint".

i still haven't worked that particular "it" out - but led the conversation to experiencing lots of little 'it's to find out what that big "it" would be.
Lizzie and Casserole

Your lists made me nostalgic. I remember my husband and I going through such lists and we had made it to the point of buying the queensland townhouse near the beach to run away to every winter. The first year we were to go there in the May and were to spend 3 months in the Cairns sunshine renovating. I can remember us laughing about what type of transport would we use, his suggestion was two motorised bikes...I had visions of us trying to bring back timber between us on them!!!!

Unfortunately he died, unexpectedly in the March before we were to go.

Have your lists but make sure you enjoy you "now" time as well.

It did mean though that I was left in a very comfortable position, so that I have been able to do all the things on our lists but its not the same without him.

I was actually going to edit my list as it didn't seem as 'noble' as Lizzie's but after Chris' reply I won't.

Chris, it certainly wouldn't be the same without the person you had planned it all with. Did you still get the townhouse? Your husband would only want you happy I'm sure, he sounds like a happy soul. You painted a visual image of the two of you on the bikes balancing the wood. Traffic stopping :D

I do truly try to appreciate the 'now'. Having kids helps you to do it too. We literally stop to 'smell the roses' when we go for walks. Moments of magic occur very regularly when you start to pay attention, that's for sure.

So, adding number 8. Appreciate the 'now' while looking forward to the future.

Thanks Chris for the reminder ;)
Yes I kept the townhouse CD. I went up there in the November and did the renovation but had to pay builders etc. It worked out well and I then let it, as I didn't want to go up there on my own for 3 months at a time.

The following year, out of the blue, I got asked by the UN to go and work for them for a couple of months in Geneva, so I went.

I have been travelling a lot since Alan died, usually taking my son along with me. We went to China in September, on a fantastic 19 day tour. I work part time, mainly for company these days. The people at work are always envying me my lifestyle. I work around my trips.

It was our wedding anniversary and Alan's birthday last week, so I bought him some red flock flowers he liked, went to the cemetary and sat up there having a chat to him. It sounds silly but it makes me feel better!!! Its almost 5 years now since he died (March 2005). I still miss him but you learn to live with it.

I am now enjoying living the now and take any opportunity that is offered to me. I have a few adventures planned for 2010...stay tuned :D

The following year, out of the blue, I got asked by the UN to go and work for them for a couple of months in Geneva, so I went.

although nothing makes up for it ... strange how life works out. could you have done the un thing if alan was still alive (gosh, it is already 5 years).

i know when my dad died, mum was devastated. shortly after one of her elderly pet dogs was diagnosed with incurable mouth cancer and the other needed a second hip replacement, but would have pined to death without the cancer sticken dog, so she had both put to sleep when the cancer meant the younger dog could not longer cope ... her responsibility slate was wiped completely clean and she wasn't sure what to do with herself.

then, out of the blue, she was nominated and accepted as a government commisioner - flying all around the country mediating local councils and loving it. if she'd still been married, or had the dogs, she wouldn't have been able to take the opportunity.

at the time it was all devestating - but completely new and exciting opportunities opened up.

the "it" is part of what i'm struggling with. i want to leave a footprint of my life, but not sure how yet.

the "secret" product is a new twist on something that has been around for decades, and all i have mentioned it to think it's a fantastic idea, but i'm not sure how to go about the marketing side ... something to investigate further when the reno is finished.
i want to leave a footprint of my life, but not sure how yet.

Lizzie, you have already left big footprints I am sure. SS community would agree that your generous assistance here alone has left footprints all over the place. Saying this, keep striving to leave bigger and better footprints in the future - yet be happy and satisfied with the footprints you have already left. :)
After reading this and Michael's soppy post, its scary to see how intune many people on this forum are with the important things in life.

My top 5 are

1) take partner and kids for a white christmas in New York.
2) Race around the Nuremburg ring before i'm to old to focus at that speed
3) Actually marry my Wife....... just defacto at the moment after both getting divorced in the last few years.
4) Take a trip on the Orient Express
5) Watch Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

Wow this list goes forever but these are the top at the moment for personal things. Add in all the other aspects of life and I could write for days ?

I agree with Rockstar I really enjoy your posts, you certainly put a lot into SS.

In answer to your question. I had been offered a UN post in Rome for 6 months when Alan was alive but turned it down because Alan didn't want to go and I thought 6 months away was too long. Plus we had the 2 dogs then. Our eldest dog died in 2004 then the other one fretted so much after Alan that she died a few months after him. I was always the breadwinner and went out to work while he was home, working part time from a home studio and putting in enormous hours into the maintenance of the properties. He did the cooking and the shopping. So when he died, I had to learn to cook and remember to shop!!!

I had to take charge of my life in one way. I had been in a comfortable, happy marriage for 42 years, in a job I knew well. I had become very overweight and my blood pressure went through the roof.

I sat down and made a new list and it included losing the weight and getting my blood pressure under control. I joined Ultra-Lite at the local pharmacy and lost 35kgs, which in turn got my blood pressure down. I then looked at my neck and realised I had hated the weight around it since I was 12, when diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid gland. So, I contacted a cosmetic surgeon and had cosmetic surgery. The best thing I have ever done!!!!

After all that, I started making lists of other things I had always wanted to do and places I wanted to go and I have been working my way through that list. I am now fitter than I have ever been, I eat better, I go to the gym or an exercise class every day, so I feel better.

Thanks for starting this post, you have made me sit back and realise my life is pretty good :D