"The Week That Was: 28/9 - 4/10, 1999"

From: Mike .

Hi All,

Another quiet week to report as we move into the second month of the forum. The future of the forum still looking uncertain with only 3 new posts, 2 of which attracted no replies. Both of them posted by the luckless Sue.

Land Tax and Agency Agreements were obviously not sexy enough subjects to arouse interest.

However, the third post by Paul created a lot of interest and received 7 replies. The subject: Investor Clubs. Looking forward, this issue got quite a going over so please check these posts before posting any further questions on the subject.

Les posted a couple of goodies in that thread: an overview of how clubs work and more insights on the Brisbane property market. However, I'd like to give this week's Classic Post award to the last reply in the thread which was added to the thread almost 9 MONTHS after Paul's initial query! Actually, it was a reply to someone else in the thread called Steve who was the typical "nervous nellie" interstate investor asking for market data on Brisbane.

This helpful person would go back in a time machine, if she could, to give tips on doing the legwork. Of course, I'm referring to one who calls herself The Wife. This Classic Post is short but useful and definitely should be added to the homework/legwork folder.

As for the Quotable Quote by Paul in his query concerning Investor Clubs, he says: "On the face of it they look useful, but there must be a catch!"

I think some agreed with you there, Paul.

Here is Steve's question. Check out TW's reply in the attached file.

Well I attended my first investor club meeting the other night. A bit of a change to the usual property seminar .. no suits to start with ! I too am looking for the catch .. This particilar one is currently only recommending Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne ( maybe ) .. any thoughts any one ?? Being a sydney sider, investing a whole state away makes me initially nervous, but if I can verify some of the claims I will overcome that fear. They beleive that Brisbane within x kl/m's of the CBD will double every 7-10 years. Does the research on brisbane also say this ?? In fact they reckon the ABS says every 7.2 years ..
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From: The Wife

First of all Mike,

I want to say what a good job you are doing, i dont know where you find the time or the patience....

Secondly...do you have to show the ones with my worst spelling!!! :eek:)
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From: Brad M


When I first discovered this forum it was already well under way but I took the time to go through and read every single post and found it an invaluable experience.

What you are doing will prove to be an incredibly valuable summary for those that are new to the forum and keen to learn all they can from the experience of the regular forum contributors over the months/years.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank all those people who gave up their time to help others on this forum, I have learnt a great deal. You all know who you are (if I started naming people I know I would leave somebody out.)

Brad M
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