Three Regrets

From: Rolf Latham

Hi All

Sim has suggested I post a post to get over the 500 mark - didnt even notice :eek:)

Heres a goody that my Mrs picked off an MLM gurus tape:

If you had youre time over again, what would you differently ? What are YOUR three regrets.

For the record mine are:

1. Not controlling my personal outgoings sooner, releasing $ for tommorow rather than today.

2. Selling at a time when I could and should have been buying more, more and more.

3. Taking advice and learning from those that have had success rather than those with "mixed but not malicious" motives, and partially that includes us ourselves. I once read " We have found the enemy, and mostly he is us" How true.


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From: David Robinson

My 3:

1. At age 19 (1989) had saved 25k in the bank :) but at age 20 had made Perth nightclubs 25k richer :-(

2. Only bought 2 properties during the time that everyone was saying that property would never be a good investment again and that we should all buy dotcom shares

3. That I should have borrowed twice as much to buy my first property (A regret that a mentor-type person I spoke to back then said I would come to understand in time - he was so right).
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From: Alan Hill

" We have found the enemy, and mostly he is us" How true......

Like that one Rolf......and I couldn't agree more.....

...another by Kierkegaard...."I myself am my only obstacle to perfection" ....

....and how about we throw in a bit of Ralph Waldo Emerson with "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in ones own sunshine"...

...mmmmmm......I'm sure there's a Forum Desk Calendar in this somewhere!!

Most importantly though Rolf, congratulations on your 500 posts!! You have explained a great deal to very many on this Forum and made it all the richer for your presence and participation. Personally, I look forward to Post 1000.

Happy New Year!

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From: Mark Laszczuk

1. Going to the John Burley 2 day seminar - a very expensive lesson indeed. Instead of Money Secrets of the Rich costing me $27.95, it cost $2722.95, if you know what I mean...(doh!).

Well, there isn't a 2 or 3, I don't really regret too many things, as those experiences have brought to where I am today, on the path to financial freedom. The only problem with no. 1 is that it set me back, albeit only temporarily...

'no hat, some cattle'
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From: Roderick Aguilar

Yes, congratulations Rolf! Here's to the next 500!

Your wife can't be listening to the right MLM guru is he/she's focussing on regrets. Those guys normally are upbeat about the positives rather than the negatives. But to join in with everyone, my three regrets are:

1. Being too naive at the start (my upbringing) to look for the greater good of all. Came across as naive and was an easy target. Didn't mind missing out just as long as the whole benefited. That is, being too nice and too honest. Nowadays, I am a little bit more formidable. Especially with the Banks, I'm still honest, but I refrain from telling them more than they need to know.

2. I wish I'd discovered the power of networking earlier on. Thought I could take on the world on my own.

3. Being too cautious (my upbringing) to the point that I allowed opportunities to pass me by. Later, it seems that to make up for lost time I jumped at every opportunity without first assessing its risks. Now I am much older and wiser and realise that "opportunities of a lifetime" come around about twice a week!


Roderick Aguilar.
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From: John M

Gday to all and congratulations Rolf on your 500th.
I sat and thought about my 3 regrets for awhile and came up with these -
1/ Not getting on this forum earlier.

2/ Not Getting On This Forum Earlier.



Damn it. Oh how the aftershock hurts when reflected upon.

"Hindsight is a wonderful attribute and a cruel but honest way to realization!"

Regards John M
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From: Even Steven

My three regrets:
Dot com shares
Keeping cash in the bank
Being arrogant all my youth.

Here's good one from Mark Twain:
I've been through some terrible things in my life - some of them actually happened.
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From: Sergey Golovin

Well-done Rolf,

I have played Cashflow 101 few times and discovered that I'm not leveraging enough. Put it otherwise, relaying more on my own money then on other people’s money.
What a shame...
I’m not sure if it is regret, I guess it looks more like – lots of room for improvement type solution.

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From: J Parker

My chief one (as far as investing is concerned).. is that I spent way too much money when I was a DINK, and none of it on investments. Sigh... :(

Then again, it's no good regretting and spending time mulling over what could have been. I aim to keep on learning and asking questions of those who are much wiser than I.
I like Sir Walter Scott's words of wisdom, when he said:
"All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education."
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From: GoAnna !

My 3 regrets are:

Accumulating far too much "bad" debt

Ignoring information on property investing until 1998

Believing people who had no track record.

GoAnna !
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
-Henry Ford
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From: Land Holdings

I can certainly relate to 'believing people with no track record'. Nowadays, the first question I ask people who want to give me advice is 'What have you done to be worthy of giving advice on this subject?' I don't ask it like that of course. But I find it really annoying that the people who have:

i) Never operated a business (successful or otherwise)

ii) Never bought investment property

iii) Never bought shares

Have the MOST to say on investing! Why is this so?

I don't care if they have succeeded or failed so long as they have gone ahead and tried something, then I am willing to listen so I learn from their EXPERIENCE.

I also think that the only advice you should listen to is your own since since when did two people agree when it comes to investing hundreds of thousands of dollars?

If only I had learnt to listen to myself when I was younger is probably my main regret. It's something I still try to achieve today.

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From: John P

Congrats Rolf and like the others, 1000 thanks for the wisdom and patience that you've shared with all of us.

What are my regrets?

Well I must say that there are not as many as I thought but here are some:

1. Not starting about 10 years earlier (Although I think I have a big head start on most so I suppose for the most part I must remain thankful)

2. Not doing a key job on the car or a local real estate agent (although that is still in the pipeline)

3. Not going to Wizard sooner (They have been EXCELLENT)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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