To do...or not to do! TAFE course.

Hey everyone,

I've been around here for a while now trying to learn as much as possible, reading a fair bit too. Anyway, I'm currently completing my Plumbing apprenticeship and I found I've still got alot of time on my hands and I want to pursue another course (via correspondance so I can do it from home).

The main reason I want to do another course is so I can learn more in-depth about the real estate industry, learn about the laws and contracts and so on. Some people might just suggest that I go read more books, but I do this already and I find working to a deadline helps me get down and study hard which means I learn alot more!

The course I am looking at is PROPERTY (BUYER’S AGENT’S LICENCE). This course would allow me to become a Buyers Agent, which I probably wouldn't pursue as a career, as it's the content in the course that I am after!

Just want peoples thoughts, I'm throwing it up in the air at the moment. It's $2500 for the year, but it's $2,500 that will probably give me invaluable knowledge!

Probably not worth your while IMO unless you intend to persue as a career path.

The only useful bits to you might be the contract & agency law stuff.

But the other bits like managing agency risk, providing a learning workplace, how to list a property, run an Open etc (yes they teach BAs how to list and run an Open - dumb huh!) would be a waste.
Thankyou for the reply. There is a bit in there that really wouldn't be useful for me, but alot that would. I am just after a course to better my knowledge, i learn better that way and take more in. Maybe i look into something like property management or something like that. Can anyone suggest any courses, it has to be afternoon stuff. Anyway, cheers for the reply. Either way, its something to think about.
All of the courses run by the REI, including the BA one are all available by e-Learning on the internet. So do 'em at your own pace & time of day.
Just bringing that up on the computer now, what would we do without you!

I gather the Buyers Agent course through REI would be basically the same course as the one through TAFE? Both are via correspondence but REI = $1900 and TAFE = $2500! Can't seem to bring up the REI course outline.