Touchy topic - Murdered ***warning

Evening SS folk,

Wanted to discuss peoples thoughts about purchasing an IP that someone had previously been murdered in. I contacted a REA today about a place and he said "I have to disclose to you that someone was murdered in this place approximately 6 months ago"

Now if i was to purchase this and say sell 7-10yrs down the track, would i be required by law to disclose that information. I believe that information might have had a decent effect on the asking price (I wouldn't really want that place for owner occupy)

Basically what i want to know is

- Do i have to disclose to future buyer (few yrs down the track)
- I am assuming that any tenant doesn't need to know as their is some chick living in this place now

I was talking to mum and she was saying if i buy to get a priest to go their and she isn't religious , shes like "you think im kidding but im not"


:eek: touchy subject alright! Bad vibes for me. Bargain or not, I couldn't buy it or put someone in it. Just my opinion of course.

I have no idea about the legal requirements in that regard. Sorry.
It wouldn't bother me at all. I don't know about what you need to disclose by law or for how many years you have to do it, but realistically as time goes by, then you will have more and more properties where something nasty has happened.

Just because it has happened once, does not mean it will happen again.
It would not bother me personally, to buy it and live in it myself or for my tenants.

As for the legal aspects, yes you do need to declare it - to tenants + prospective future purchasers. Google "Material Fact" in relation to real estate transactions.
It will be haunted by ghosts and evil spirits as it seems they don't have police spirits out there nor spirit jails so you may have to pay someone like a witch or preist to mutter a few words in there and splash some water and get a certificate of proof.
I would definitely buy it for the right price.


No one will remember the murder in 20 years time.

There would be a discount involved. Same as if a house was below an airport flight path, or beside a railway line, or next door to Lucas Heights reactor. If the discount is enough I would buy it.

See ya's.
There have been various cases in the newspapers where the agent had not disclosed a murder and the sale has been rescinded. Hence the disclosure.

In fact there was a house sold in Collingwood this year and it was in the Herald-Sun as the place where the Easey Street murders took place 20 odd years ago.

People are funny about how a person dies in a house. I know of a property where the man committed suicide in the house. His family continued to live there for a few years and then sold it to a young family without disclosure. The neighbours were all whispering and wondering whether to tell them. My comment was why? People die in houses all the time, whether by old age, accident or by their own hand. My husband died in this house by accident, I would not feel it necessary to disclose that. Murder is a little different.

It will be haunted by ghosts and evil spirits as it seems they don't have police spirits out there nor spirit jails so you may have to pay someone like a witch or preist to mutter a few words in there and splash some water and get a certificate of proof.

I'm with you piston - watch the evil spirits!!! ;)
if it's cheap just buy and pop a tennant in - job done.
Just consider all the thousands of houses within a radius of say 10km from the major cities. They have been there for up to 150 years but mostly around 100 years. Still, a very long time.

Lots of nasties would have occurred in these places in such a long time frame. No one cares, it just gets forgotten. Wouldn't bother me.
Can I be really picky and say "It would depend on the type of murder"? I mean there's murder and then there's gruesome murder IYKWIM.

Look, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal but if it's widely known then the local kids could tease the kids living there etc etc. Then they have nightmares etc.

Too many factors involved for me to say 'yes' or 'no' to a murder house.

I saw the man across the road die from a heart attack on his front step. Lovely house, I'd definately buy it.
Death is a normal part of life, murder isn't.
Yes, you will have to disclose to any future purchaser (no matter how far in the future) and also to tenants.

Some people have strong feelings about these things, and if you do not disclose to tenants and they find out (as they will, neighbours LOVE to gossip about these things) then they will be able to use the non-disclosure as a reason to break their lease at any time of their choosing. After the Gonzoles (sp?) precedent in NSW the tribunal would undoubtedly allow them to break their lease penalty free.
The old Townsville Hospital is being redeveloped as housing. It does have a sort of charm and is on prime, elevated land with ocean views and sea breezes. But will people buy there?
I'd buy it, i don't mid, every house has usually had someone die in it at some stage, unless brand new.

As for disclosure i'd say 7 years, because this is how long the records are held for..Not 100% sure, but this would be my bet.
I'd buy it, but neighbours would talk. I would be straight up with the tenants. Get them in cheaply then up the price once the demons have stopped hiding behind the cupboard doors.

I remember going to a suicide by hanging with a few extra circumstances thrown in. About two weeks later the house had been rented by a family who believed they'd got a bargain.

I didn't have the heart to tell them.

Buy it cheaply and pull out the equity as the valuers may not know that it is possessed.