Weekend work???

I am desperately trying to get another loan from the bank, but they keep telling me I don't earn enough and it seems I have trouble meeting their serviceability requirements so I need some weekend work, preferably long hours (10-12 hour shifts) and day work, I get up at 5-6am, even on my days off as I go to bed at around 9pm.

I have a HR license, 1ABCF security license and category H (firearms), experience running a lab as a lab tech doing XRF and AAS (no qualification despite heaps of practical experience), Dip. Remedial Massage. surely there is something out there?

I am just at my wits' end right now and may be venting more than anything as I have been trying to pick up security work on the weekend, but I have been getting screwed around - 4-5 hours Fri & Sat night finishing at 1-2am in the CBD when there is no trains running, another company I took a week off work for to do induction/training failed to tell me it didn't get approved and I almost lost a week's worth of pay since I am casual, but fortunately I was upfront with my boss and he said I could replace another guy who quit on Friday afternoon.

So, help??? All I want to do right now is work my *** off.. it seems it's hard to find the hours in Sydney unlike remote locations, I am even debating going back to some remote location if it means I can earn the money I need to satisfy the banks.
A guy I used to work with told me he picked up some weekend security work which paid very well.. It was for a security company that patrolled (by car) commercial/industrial sites. He noted the pay was very good because it involved carrying a sidearm.. but I'm not sure if that was true?

How about working for armaguard or similar?

Just drive around all the businesses that are open on the weekends.

You will more than likely find an owner in one of them because he can't find anyone Reliable who will work then.

Make up some cards and drop them in, do a big circle around the suburbs near where you live, that way when you find something it will be within 15 mins of home.

Get out there and do it, most businesses have given up advertising for people because no one will work then.
It's for a house.

I already do cash in transit, the problem with Armaguard is you only get 2-3 days a week Mon-Fri...