What goes around comes around 'CALMA



From: Anonymous

Anyone ever have experience where you have been diddled, ripped off or just plain bloody degraded.

I have seen so many people go from being top dog, king pin to the other end of the scale.

A personal experience a few years back. I was very sick and had 4 months off work . Mostly spent in hospital. When I was well enough to return my two bosses put me back to be re-trained. Yet another employee that took 6 mths off to travel the world went straight back to his normal position.

It most likely cost me $20K.

Then when redundancies were going my bosses would not put me down to get one.

Now after 5 yrs one boss is dying of cancer & the other has left abruptly after allegations of insider trading.

I have left & floating along OK.


I ask you!
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