what is really behind the current indian hatred of australia?

i am confused. granted, there have been a few beatings of indian students and one was recently stabbed ... but none appears to be racially targeted - it's seems to be just a sad state of affairs that people get bashed and stabbed, and students (regardless of race or colour) are considered by some to be an easy target.

the venom from the indian press seems to be completely out of proportion with what is happening. the lastest press likens the australian police to the kkk.

is there something more behind the hatred from the press which is riling up the indian public?

I read an article online yesterday that said the murder rate % per population is higher in India than Australia etc. Even had the rate of murders attributed to dowries in India.

IMHO the media has hyped it up.
Stereotyping in progress...

Was interested to hear on the new last night that International Student Education is worth 17 Billion a year!!!


I read an article online yesterday that said the murder rate % per population is higher in India than Australia etc. Even had the rate of murders attributed to dowries in India.

IMHO the media has hyped it up.
Stereotyping in progress...

Was interested to hear on the new last night that International Student Education is worth 17 Billion a year!!!


that's one reason why i was wondering ... is it more to do with the money being taken out of their own country rather than racism?
Hi all,
I’ve watched the racism for years, it does exist.

Indian students do not assimilate with Australians, then when the young aussie bloke full of booze or testosterone see them they are an easy target. They are by comparison nowhere near as big as the average young aussie male making them an easy target.

They do also bring some of it on themselves. Taxi’s in Melbourne are a disgrace, they never know where to go and then when they take the long way for extra $$ they get bashed. This is starting to add to the growing anger towards them.

I have travelled across india for over a month and whilst they have there problems which will never be fixed, its easier to pick on a country where their middle and upper class people are being victimized.

The police cannot stop random attacks as these are, what the government needs to do is charge people under a hate crime with bigger penalties.
I’ve watched the racism for years, it does exist.

It definately does, only problem is what is racism? Seriously.

It's like many things these days and has become trivialised by the media, and the public. It's just a joke these days. You're racist because the train is full and you won't let someone of a different race sit down? It's just a joke!

Hanging out the car window yelling at people who have moved here or that are a certain race, bashings and hate crimes directly aimed for people, for example, who are Indian is racist.

But i agree, the press seems to blow things way out of proportion and highlights Aussie's as being racist, or murderous fiends, because their money is being taken out of the country. To be fair though, i don't think that we can say that it's *only* the Indian media, that would be racist :rolleyes:

In the Riverina there have been a few stories of unpaid wages and exploitation of Indians by Indians, this article in the SMH today

<<But, he says, the rise of contract labour has soured the lives of many workers. ''In the Sikh temple we have some students weeping before us. Contracting is the route of the evil.''>>


Another difficulty is that Indian students are under great pressure to succeed and assist the family back home. They need to work to survive as the family can't help them, consequently they will do any work they can get.

Quite often, this means they are doing the shifts that other employees don't want, and / or shifts that don't clash with Uni lectures. In Sydney I have noticed that many service stations have Indian people working the consoles late at night.

That guy in Melbourne was on his way to work late at night, walking down a dark street by himself. It would be nice if we could walk anywhere we want whenever we want in complete safety, but unfortunately that is not the case and he was bashed.

When we consider how many students have studied in Oz over the years and how few have had problems then we are better than most places, but no where is perfect.
Indian students do not assimilate with Australians, then when the young aussie bloke full of booze or testosterone see them they are an easy target. They are by comparison nowhere near as big as the average young aussie male making them an easy target.

Are you guessing or do you KNOW it is white anglos doing the crimes? It could easily be other Asians or a certain ME group that the Bra Boys don't like.

Whilst the Indian newspaper portrayal of our police as members of the KKK reaction is a complete overreaction and does little than to exaserbate emotions on both sides, let's see when the shoe was on the other foot.

When Britt Lapthorne tragically disappeared and was later found dead, did not the Australian media portray the local police and investigation as shoddy, amateurish, unprofessional and even worse. It may have well been the case, but the reaction in that case and in the recent Nitin Garg murder is an understandable emotional reaction to a tragic and very sad outcome.

And let's not forget some of the commentary in the Schapelle Corby case about the Indonesian system of justice.

The Mail Today (Indian newspaper) which published the cartoon was doing this to sell papers? There are many tabloid rags here in Oz who may not go that far, but they sail close to the wind with regards to gutter journalism and populist rhetoric when it suits them.
I think its fair enough.

The last thing we should be doing as a community is blaming the Indians for over reacting. Thats a double whammy. And its called blaming the victim! Easy to do without being aware that this increases the problem.

Accept that what is happening is not great from an Australian perspective. Let the emotions run their course. Lets think about the way we lure foreign students to our shores for OUR commercial benefit, lets put in some better safety measures and then move on.

The indians are rightly outraged but they too will have better perspective in 6months time. As many have pointed out Mumbai is hardly a pin up city for all things 'inclusive'.

The students here are just searching for a better life.

I am Indian, came here as student about 10 years ago and am thankful that I am not a student in this current climate. Walking in an isolated park in a 'dangerous' neighborhood is not the smart thing to do and may be an isolated incident but consistent targeting of a vulnerable race does lead me to believe that there is more than meets the eye.
On that note, indian media hasabout 30 news channels each trying to outdo the other for news material and sensationilst news does sell - hence the current reactions.
I went to my local servo yesterday to fill up and there was a roughly 60yo Aussie lady serving at the counter when usually it's a young Indian guy. The place is owned by Indians.

I mentioned to her that's unusual seeing an Aussie lady working the counter and she was a bit coy about it.

Only later did i realise she had replaced the Indian guy for a reason.

I think there is a bit of fear and maybe some paranoia in the Indian community right now. We don't know if the murder was race related or just a nutter with a knife wanting to stab anyone.
this is a very sad situation. do we know yet if the boy that was stabbed was killed by a non indian? so to speak.
the media is presuming that to be the case.

there are problems from another perspective too but not directly related to the current cases reported.
does anyone remember the case in melborne of an indian born student who was reported to have run over and killed another student? the driver was drunk it was reported. he disappeared from the country on some elses passport and cannot be found to face charges.

it is doubtful he will ever be found or face charges. little is being said/done about that injustice.

i do not see evidence of serious racism in oz but there always a few cases.
it is a great shame. i know the refugees from africa do not always get a fair shake either. just imagine the horrors some of them would have seen/experienced?
some of us have a lot to be thankful for. unfortunately there will always be injustice. it is not always a matter of colour/race.

a lot of poor white australians also feel disadvantaged, despite working 40+ hours/week but earn low wages. the working poor.

some of those people may feel hard done by in terms of the handouts that some other people get??

that has been the case in the uk. the lower classes feel migrants get more assistance.
and so the cycle goes on.
Compare to some people from other countries, Indians are hardworking and law abiding. Too bad the education system is being rorted as it is being used as a backdoor to legitimate migration. The sheer number of Indian students in Melboune is just ridiculous. I don't think this country earns as much as claimed because Indian students taking $$ from the oz economy & jobs from our young people. In many countries foreign students are forbidden to have any employment.
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Pully - You are kidding right? You pick one case of an Inidan Student who runs over someone and you use it to justify your overall stance. Crazy stuff.

People, white, black, yellow etc commit crimes everyday and run for the hills.

Until you have been a minority you will never know what prejudice is.

If you are in a minority then you should know better.
We have three young indian students in an old queenslander set-up as seperate one bedroom flats in inner brisbane and i was talking to one of our tenants last night about the problems down south,and from my opinion
they are just not "Street Smart",i have told them upfront don't walk around
certain parks,railway stations,in my local area,it's just not safe for young ladies-men walking alone,after they finish night shift at local fast food outlets
if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time anywhere in Australia anything can happen,it's nothing to with Race or where you come from just a matter of fate,who's too say the person that killed that poor hardworking young man was not one of his country men..willair..
The park and area he was in is not the best place to be walking around alone. That said, Im white anglo and I defiantly wouldn’t be walking in that area by myself at night.
I don't mind Indians, they are certainly polite and hard working and not aggressive like some other people from other counties that settle here and hang out in big groups of hoons and intimidating gangs.

It's unfortunate that anyone has been attacked and killed and especially Indians. Yes they annoy me sometimes when I'm on the phone to support for my Phone Service or ISP but should they be attacked like this, NO of course not!

I actually think it's a much deeper problem we have here in Australia than a raciest thing. The country is big on Booze, Footy and Fast Cars. Of course not everyone is a bogan in this country and there are many great people here but there is a huge number of over aggressive people that get boozed out of their mind, beat up their wifes and kids and then head of to the footy for more violence and yelling.

This is what our country has evolved to and it will get worse as long as we have this naive mentality. People from some countries in Europe have evolved to care about world issues, love the environment, arts and life in general. Aussies have evolved to love more football, drink more booze and drive faster on the roads with bigger V8's. This is why kids in the country are becoming more aggressive and it's gonna get a lot worse unless the attitude changes here.
Hi All,
Whenever we talk about racism, We always say that we are lucky because we don't have to deal with recism, recial comments etc. We did not have racism experience in Perth till 23rd Dec 09 but yesterday my wife told me her Christmas party story. It made me thinking again. I am just writing her story. She said; " It was about 11.30 am on 23 rd Dec 09, very hot day. when they reached the Hotel where their company 'Hard Yakka' Pacific brand had organised a Christmas Party. They were about 50 members, there were few beach umbrellas. My wife was sitting under that shade with her friends (5-6 asian ladies). There team leader came and pulled out umbrella and took to her group saying go and sit in shade over there. The ladies sit in sun, they felt insulted, so did not went to shade. Waiter came and brought a new umbrella.
Margrate is a team leader for sewing dept. My wife and her friends felt her behaviour rasist.
Are they wrong? Or just perception?