What methods of research do you use?

I have been reading these posts for hours on end now and it seems that one piece of advice resonates the vast majority of posts.


I am willing to put in the research but am curious as to which ways to do the research.
I have been reading these forums, magazine, general PI books etc. Anything else you can recommend?

Does this come with experience? My strategy at the moment is buy anywhere near to the CBD with good public transport and i can't go wrong but I want to know how do I figure out if suburb A will do better than suburb B?

Thanks for you generosity in sharing your experience!
Research the area you are looking at. Make sure you know what the properties should be valued at. Make sure you know what they rent at. Know your demographic, who is your target market, and how do they fit into this area. Know the responsabilities of a LL and what that entails.

Honestly you strategy does sound a bit simplistic, and I would suggest that it is indeed possible to go wrong, particularly if you pay way over market value in the first place.
Thought you meant researching which areas to target. Obviously you've already targetted your areas.

As someone else put it the other day, once you know what area you want, it's then all about the price you buy at.