Which cookbook?

I am wanting to buy a cookbook for my single niece for Xmas - say about $25. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Although she is single, I would rather not buy one that is just cooking for two.
Hi belleran,

I have found the Womans Weekly Cookbooks really handy and practical, especially for someone like myself that has not much time.:)

Regards JO
the womans weekly ones are good ... when in nz a few months ago i picked up 3 copies of "the edmonds cookbook" for my three stepdaughter. it is a fantastic book full of useful hints for first time cooks - and all the recipes are well tried and tested.

i've had my copy for 20 years and still regularly use it (and it looks like it too)
I bought one recently called '4 ingredients' or something like that. Has quick and easy recipes for people that work a lot or don't get too much into complex cooking. Perfect for a single bloke like myself :D
Buy her a nice blank book, and put all your favourite recipes, and any family recipes in.
At best a bought cook book will only be used a couple of times, and then sit on the shelf gathering dust and that grunge that develops around stoves.
If she actually adds to your blank family cookbook, she will more likely remember the recipes, and refer to it often.
I still refer to the one my chef made me start as an aprentice about 15 years ago now.
Edmonds is awesome. Was the biggest selling book in NZ for a long time, not sure if it still is. Teaches you how to make everything from a basic cheese sauce to fudge to a full on roast and preserving.
Also, there's a nice one around that I haven't looked at closely but looks good. It's called Delicious, I think, and is a collection of recipes from the mag of the same name. It's about $35.