Who owns the goods?

Hi All,

Apologies for another thread, but here goes, it's all getting a bit too complex for me now and whilst I plan to use a lawyer, I am a bit concerned if this is the right approach. As said in another two threads, ex commercial tenant has now left (with a lot of furniture un-moved):

- Letter was sent to his email/registered post. Tenant called up my lawyer and told him furniture belonged to Company A (Commercial Agents for a office furniture company), he told lawyer to call them/liase with them to return goods.

- Lawyer calls Company A who proports to be owner of goods. What exactly is a Commercial Agent company? They send over two invoices to my lawyer claiming it is theirs.

- Company B is a furniture rental company based in WA but does service NSW. But why on earth would Company B hire a commercial agent who is actually based on Qld.

- The email from Company A to lawyer seems very sus - signature has no physical address and only a phone and fax and email with a person proporting to be their legal dept.

- I phoned the number myself pretending to be a potential customer but they really wouldn't tell me what sort of company service they provide. Checked their ABN - registered since 2001 but changed name in June 2013. Google comes up with 1 page on it which has a PO Address and appears to be a remote location in Qld.

Lawyer advises he search under the PPRS to see if they own the goods and wants contractual documents with ex tenant.

I find Company very vague and sus and why would ex tenant ask lawyer to contact Company A? Shouldn't the lawyer contact Company B first?

I think you're approaching it completely the wrong way.

Tenant left goods behind. Follow the legal process as defined in the Act to either have them collect them, store them for X days then dispose of them. Whether they belong to some other 3rd party company is not your problem.