Working in the property industry?



From: S W

I am keen to become much more active in property. I would love to become a full time property investor and am passionate about redevelopment projects, renovating and the design aspects of property.

I've got a fairly good understanding of property investment, and need to become better at taking action. I'm working on this.

While I'd love to be in the game full time, I cannot do that at present. I would like to do as much as possible to make that happen and I am keen to find out what sort of paid jobs (other than RE Agent which I am not interested in) could provide an income stream and increase my learning in the development/design/renovating field. Any ideas anyone?

Also, what courses are around in this field, other than degree level. I love the idea of Architecture, but I've already done a degree (Business) part time over 6 years and while I'm proud of myself for completing it, I don't think I want to commit to that amount of time again. I know what a huge commitment it is, and by the time I added an income stream, I'd have no time left for property investment.

Are there any shorter courses in Town Planning related stuff, design/renovations etc? What about drafting - does that cover the design elements as well and is that a degree course?

I'm in Melbourne, so am looking at something accessible or off-campus/distance education.

I look forward to your replies.
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