wtd: cheap builder in auckland NZ

We are after building a 2 level house including a home and income within it.
As i am aware there is many builders out there that offer this.
Problem being they all have different specs for base prices.
some include carpet,fences, tiles others don't etc... the list is huge. And it is very difficult to compare them for price.

We are after a fixed price company that will be a good price in Auckland New Zealand.
any suggestions?
Dear Whitt,

A company that would be worth checking out is Versatile Buildings.


According to the information that I have seen they are the biggest pre-fabricated builder in New Zealand and are in the process of developing their business in the Australian market.

Would be worth checking out at least for a price comparison as pre-fabricated homes are extremely quick and very cost effective.

If price is not so important perhaps you should look developing your own specifications that you need and try in reverse to get several builders to tender on your specifications.