Wyndham Harbour Project

I have seen other posts regarding Point Cook and a mention of the new Marina in Werribee South. from what I understand it is a Nonda Kostalidis Architect designed project with 1000 wet births, hotel, apartments and home and land packages

Does anyone have more information on the Marina?

Coming from WA ... I have seen what Haillary's Harbour, Mindarie Keys and now Port Coogee Marina have done to prices around their general area.

I also noticed land prices in Sal****ercoast Estate in Pt Cook jumped by over $20k in a few weeks (again I have read about issues of the Sanctuary Lakes Estate nearby)

Alamanda Estate in Pt Cook also looks like it has lifted the general state of new home and land estates in the area

Any comments on this subject would be appreciated as I am looking at investing in that area in the New Year

Does anyone have more information on the Marina?


AFTER years of delays, work on the $440million Wyndham Harbour marina is expected to finally begin by mid next year.

Land packages as part of the opening 70-lot stage of the development are expected to go on sale in February.

Prices for lots with uninterrupted waterfront views of Port Phillip will range from $279,000 to $769,00.

More than 5200 people have so far registered their interest.

A selection of one and three-bedroom apartments will be made available from $254,000 to $569,000 to those on the database.

Ninety-nine-year wet berth leases will be available from $99,000 and 390 dry birth leases will be on offer for $3200 per annum for a six-metre reservation.

This week, the developers also released details of the revised development with the central quay dumped in favour of a less-costly marina square.

Other key design changes include a more efficient design allowing for more efficient entry to the harbour, and a reduction in the size of the wetlands sufficient to treat all stormwater run-off generated by the development.

The safe boat harbour will include up to 1000 wet berths and the marina club will have a food and beverage component and be the future home of the Werribee South Coast Guard.

The high-speed ferry link from the marina to the Melbourne CBD remains on track with the developers committed to conducting a feasibility study, while also lobbying for an extension of the public bus routes.

Wyndham Harbour director Angus Reed said the first release included a wide range of housing choices including waterfront, premium and lifestyle housing lots, as well as apartments and marina births.

"Our vision is to create a unique master-planned waterfront community that will become a major hospitality and tourism destination for Wyndham, driving long-term job creation and creating vital community infrastructure," he said.

"There's an added emphasis on health and fitness with a recreation centre, tennis courts, two new public beaches, new bike paths and a running circuit.

"Wyndham Harbour will also offer the provision of fibre-optic to all residents and all services including gas which is currently not available in the area."

The marina is expected to create 3000 jobs during construction and a further 440 ongoing positions, with the development scheduled to be fully completed by 2015.

Final planning approvals are expected within the coming months including the signing of the Crown Seabed lease by the State Government next month.

WORK on a new waterfront community that will change the face of Werribee’s foreshore should start next year.

But plans for a high-speed ferry linking the marina to Melbourne’s CBD are still being floated.

Prudentia Investments yesterday launched a pre-sale campaign for its $440 million Wyndham Harbour development on the western side of Port Phillip Bay.

It includes land with full bay views from $769,000, apartments from $254,000, up to 1000 13m-long wet berths on a 99-year lease from $99,000 and 390 6m-long dry lease berths from $3200 per year, as well as shops and cafes at a Marina Square.

Prudentia said the development was in its final stages of approval and expected buyers could sign off in February on 70 land lots, apartments and wet births to be released as part of stage one.

It said construction was due to begin mid next year and run in stages until 2015. The first stage of the marina would be complete by 2012.

Plans for a high-speed ferry link to the city were floated last year. The developers promised a feasibility study in future, but could not say when this would start or finish.

It will contribute to upgrading Duncans Rd and the Werribee South Boat Ramp.

Once complete, Wyndham Harbour will be the only approved safe boat harbour between Williamstown and Geelong.

It was first conceived more than 25 years ago.

Wyndham Council approved plans for the project in March last year.

The total land component of Wyndham Harbour will be 27ha.
Wyndham Harbour

Hi Casper,

I have managed to get high on the list for land purchase at Wyndham Harbour. I should have more details available later this week on the development.

If anyone is particularly interested in this, feel free to contact me.

For the right price I would be happy to onsell the right to purchase high on the list.

Purchased yesterday at Wyndham Harbour

I just purchased a section at Wyndham Harbour. I would be interested to hear from anyone else that has also.

Feel free to contact me if you want any details on the development.
Purchase at Wyndham Harbour

Congrats on the purchse. Could you advise further on the selection
- Waterfront, bayside or lifestyle ?

How do you think the parcels are priced ?

We are off to see the agent on Wed next week for our turn in the queue. Hopefully there are still lots left, specifically the one we want.
Thanks Forumite ... great information.

Does anyone have any further info on Salt water Coast?

Other than looking at it from my bedroom window, what info?

I have driven around the early stages of development, popped into the the sales office, etc... Until infrastructure is in place, a car is your only option for everything: school, shops, get to transport etc...

It is planned to have a community precinct, with school, shops, ovals etc... but they won't happen until the estate has been substantially developed. My guess is at least until 2012.

Mmmm, other than that, I can tell you that construction is taking the day off today... see look over there.... :D
Like any other property investment, we purchased in this develpement with intention of keeping this long term. We have also purcased this for lifestlye and waterfront living. Besides, blocks in stage 1 is expected to title in 12 to 18 months, by the time we build and move there it will be most likely mid 2012 anyway, we are not too concerned. You can never go wrong with a water front developement, especially when there is going to be nothing comparable to this developement, along the west coast of port phillip bay. Stage 1 is still affordable, I know future stages we will get priced out. We are extremely happy with our purchase, we have done
quite a bit of research, spoken with the coucncil, spoken directly with the developer on many occasions, we are very confident this will turn out to be a great investment for us.
How Much?

PCresident ... Jagganath has asked you twice for details ... and all I see by your replies is how wonderful the development is ... with only 2 posts under your belt ... you would not hapen to be an agent selling the development? Maybe I am just suspicious but hair on back of neck is often right :cool:
First post here.

I saw in todays Herald Sun that the first stage has sold out and that stage 2 will be starting from $285k for 312 sqm! :eek:

Interstingly this is the fourth google link when you google 'Wyndham Harbour'.

I'm a local in the area and I am interested in what plans they have for the beach and tourism aspects?

Construction of a marina usually ends up creating a well protected beach.
Hi all,

Just realised that this thread has continued.

I have purchased lot 105, it was $320k and has partial water views, through a grassed area between houses which are right on the waterfront. It is 350 sqm.

I am open to offers if anyone is interested in it.

Stage 1 all went in pre-sales (70 lots) and there are only around 240 in the whole development. The limited stock in a great new waterfront development are sure to result in significant price growth in a short space of time.

Amenities, water and scarcity are all key drivers.
Interested in wyndham harbour ?

Hi all,
my first post here, everyone heard about the cracking pre launch of the wyndham harbour, i have managed to get one of the best waterfront blocks at the harbour and i am up for any offers, intersted people can mail me.
This is going to be the best marina in victoria.
Hi all,
my first post here, everyone heard about the cracking pre launch of the wyndham harbour, i have managed to get one of the best waterfront blocks at the harbour and i am up for any offers, intersted people can mail me.
This is going to be the best marina in victoria.

Sorry to be so harsh on a first time poster (I was one of those not that long ago), but if the blocks are so good, why do you want to sell it? :p

Not an agent are you? :eek::D