YIP Property Investor of the Year

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Last year saw Rob WILLIAMS emerge as a runner-up, any of the Somersoft Family in this years competition?

We are proud to present the 2009 winner of Your Investment Property and RUN Property Management Investor of the Year Award - Prue Muirhead from Adelaide, SA!

Prue wowed the judges with her investment logic and the depth of her understanding of property investment fundamentals. Having acquired an impressive $3.5 million positively geared portfolio within four short years, she was able to retire before she turned 40 - is a truly remarkable feat.

Big congratulations also go to our two runners up - Mathew Cosgrove and Anne Morelli, both from Brisbane, Queensland. Mathew's mature and savvy approach to building up his portfolio is an extraordinary achievement and Anne's story is an inspirational tale that will encourage everyone to go out and achieve their dreams.

As everybody knows, the first rule of property investing is that there are no hard and fast rules. However, hard work in conducting meticulous due diligence, patience and the thirst for learning are the common traits shared by successful investors. It's evident from the entries that those who put in the hours got the results back, plus more. In short, there is no magic formula for success that replaces blood, sweat and toil.

We would like to thank all of you who took time to share your stories with us and wish you the best in your investment endeavours in 2010.