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    MELBOURNE - April Easter Dinner

    Another two spots if its not too late please Another two spots if its not too late please Cheers Ant
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    Anyone interested in property in Thailand?

    You can only own 49% of the title. I tried to buy some Thailand Real estate 5 years ago, but a local Lawyer confirmed that you must go partners with a Local Thai native, who must hold/own at least 51%. Don't know if this still holds now. Cheers\ Ant.
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    Front fence conspiracy

    Thanks all for replies as well. :p Thanks all for replies as well. :p
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    Front fence conspiracy

    Update on fence ordeal. Update Weve contatcted the manager of the Body Corporate, and his reply was "well there are two sides to every argument, and a court proceedings could be very time hungry and expensive." :( We contacted the the other two owners who live in Sydney, and they had no...
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    Front fence conspiracy

    Hi All, Went to our body corporate meeting last night, and now feeling a bit shafted. We own a small bedsit out the back of a development of 6 in a popular inner bayside suburb of Melbourne. The front wooden fence needs replacing soon, approx 15 metres with two gates and motorised driveway...
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    Difference between greed and legitimate self interest

    Bollocks How can there be a limited supply, definately not on certain things, say if everyrone wanted to own there own aeroplane, and they said sorry we can only have 10,000 planes flying around the world maxmimum at one time. Bollocks !!!!. I think you you got to assess your own morals, and...
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    Tennant lost handle winder on window

    Any one know a shop in Melb that carrys spare parts for windows? I have rung around ten different places, all the major hardware stores. They only sell the whole thing not just the handle. Any one know a shop in Melb that carrys spare parts for windows? Cheers, Ant.
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    Tennant lost handle winder on window

    We got a call from our PM, saying the tennant in our 6th floor apartment was unwinding the window when the handle fell off and fell outside the window and is now lost. and they want a new one? And they want it fast as they cant close the window. Guess I should be able to buy one from bunnings...
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    Not enough bragging........come on and share your success stories

    Lurker from way back. Hi IP forumites, My thinking is that most of the forum people who have done well out of IP and have retired or semi retired have moved on from here or reduced there hours reading and replying. Maybe sitting on thier yacht drinking pina coladas, not much internet access...
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    LONG term planning

    We could offer prospective tennants to rent a ASIMO for every lease signed up for two years, (just whack a bit more on the weekly rent to cover expenses.) And then program ASIMO to do rental inspections and take some photos and email the report and photos directly to our email compliant colour...
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    Speed freak

    From: Anthony C Hey, whats happened? Forum is zipping along with really fast access. Is it just me? Cheers Ant. "Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." --Mark Twain
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    Check out this contract of sale.

    Reply: 2.1 From: Anthony C Thanks yuchun Exactly what i was thinking. Cheers Ant. P.S. BTW, His second offer with no vendor finance was $20k lower. Obviously stabbing in the dark hoping to stumble across a desperate seller. Worth a try i guess.. "Let us so live that when we come to die...
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    Check out this contract of sale.

    From: Anthony C Hi All, I'm selling one of my IP's for personal reasons. One offer i got was a bit different, in the contract of sale. Under the Price and Deposit Section: Price is $260,000 (for example)payable as follows: (a) a deposit of $10,000 held in the real estate trust (b) the balance...
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    Part time finance query

    Reply: 1 From: Anthony C Lotsa due dilligence there, great stuff. I'd suggest buy your PPOR first then quit your Full time job. You could even maybe buy and investment and PPOR at the same time. Duplex, set of two/three townhouses, live in one rent the others out. Your serviceability is...
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    Rents go through the roof .... Ha

    From: Anthony C Anyone having trouble with vacancies, anyone had to drop their rents? I've had to drop one 20%, (not in Melb.) vacancy period too long. Anyway check this out:,5478,4153028%255E2862,00.html Summary: RENTS are soaring in...