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    July Melbourne meeting

    I am IN, Thanks
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    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    Fast Lend have 4.99% for 3 years (for LVR's under 75%)
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    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    As they said here CBA Fixed Rate Drop! 1Year Fixed Rate 5.34% --> 5.19% (comparison rate 6.19%) 3Year Fixed Rate 5.29% --> 5.29% (comparison rate 6.09%) Source:
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    revisit Nearly a year since this article was published in News. What are your thoughts on this now?
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    Pricefinder Group Access (VIC)

    I am interested in group access for VIC.
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    ANZ reduced interest rate by 25 basis point Will others follow...
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    Westpac 0.7 discount for loans between 150 to 250

    Now westpac is offering 0.7 discount on their rocket loans, it was 0.4
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    3 & 5 year fixed rates thread

    CBA 5.99% fixed for 3 years CBA now have 5.99% fixed for 3 years
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    Melbourne February 2012 Somersoft Meeting - Mitcham (Again!?)

    Please put me down for 2. I will come with my friend. We both are first time attendee.
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    1, 1.5, 2, 3KW Solar Panel Systems

    Loads of information about solar panel deals here I am currently in the process of getting one, preferably from Eco Kinetics - Sopray panel with Aurora inverter. Good luck for those looking.
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    TV Wall bracket and wiring

    I have recently mounted my 50" panny (internal wall), it took me half a day (first timer). I used 80 Kg heavy duty bracket bought from Selby. There is instruction in the bracket...
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    Westpac 90 Day Temporary discount

    I got .05 permanent additional discount, when my .2 expired. details
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    I have 0.2 additional discount on 250K loan for couple of weeks. I called mortgage retention centre today and they promised .05 permanent discount once the .2 temporary expires, waiting for the paperwork. So now I am on .75 discount on 250K loan. I am with banana bank :D Regards apk
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    I managed to get extra 0.2% temporary discount for 3 months. Margin Lending - What's your discount there...? I am getting 0.4 bcoz of the premium advantage package.
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    Have 250k loan on my PPOR (60k in offset account, brings down to 190k) 40k in equity loan. I reckon my PPOR is worth more now, similar property in the street sold for 380k last christmas. Thinking of talking to westpac mortgage guys for a better discount, like to have a chat with other...