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    Carpet swatch
  3. N

    Which carpet for a rental?

    I need about 80m2 (23 lineal metres) of carpet to be replaced in a house but not sure which type to use. PM recommended a taupe colour 50% wool and 50% synthetic but the carpet guy I spoke to said stains are hard to get out of wool. He recommended a 100% synthetic yarn, solution dyed nylon. He...
  4. C

    Polypropylene vs nylon carpets

    Hi everyone About to re-carpet an IP (rented for $300/week) and am getting carpet quotes. Some carpet distributors are advising us away from poly carpets, others say it is much of a muchness (everyone agrees that nylon carpets are more stain resistant and hold their form better). Cost...
  5. C

    Carpet layers - Campbelltown, Sydney

    Hi everyone Looking for some recommendations of carpet distributors and layers in the Campbelltown - Liverpool area, SW Sydney (Macquarie Fields to be exact). Also, would it be best for me to purchase the required amount of carpet, or leave it all the the carpet layer (they could get...
  6. M

    Floorboards in walk in robe?

    Hi all, My upcoming new bedroom will have a walk in through to the ensuite. The walk is corridor is wider than average. I'm laying boards in the lounge and hallway and carpet in the bedrooms. I was thinking of also laying the boards in the walk in robe. Anyone ever done or thought of this...
  7. P

    IP Reno help and opinions!

    As i mentioned before in other threads, i would like to jazz up my IP strata apartment before renting it out. a few things on my to-do list are: - replace kitchen sink with a better , stronger quality one (one i have is crap) - replace a wind-able window (all windows are currently jammed)...
  8. Old stained carpet

    Old stained carpet

    Old stained carpet in rental
  9. backtrack

    Steam clean done 1 month before we move in!

    Hi, we are about moving to an apartment to rent. The agent gave us the Condition Report, most things are stated as Clean state but they are dirty. Most of all the carpet: we asked the Agent for the Invoice of the company that did the steam clean, and the date on the invoice is one month ago...
  10. Carpet - 1950s.

    Carpet - 1950s.

    Roses, roses everywhere
  11. the carpeted kitchen

    the carpeted kitchen

    OK, I couldn't resist! Here is the offending carpeted kitchen for your viewing pleasure - with, you guessed it Jean, lime green kichen cupboards! Just beautiful! ...although I can't work out how it attach it to the relevant thread.