first world problem

  1. T

    How do you hang your toilet roll? Paper facing in or out?

    In a similar note to the eating habits and pegging clothes threads, how do you hang your toilet roll? Despite being an apparently trivial topic many people hold strong opinions on the matter. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference however in a recent survey of consumers, 72% of...
  2. topcropper

    Eating habits?

    How do people eat meals on here? We just had a wonderful meal. Pork belly and gravy, with mashed potato and green beans. Plus fresh buttered buns. The pork was perfect, juicy with crunchy crackling. So I'm a mix it all up sort of bloke. In each mouthful I have a portion of meat, spud...
  3. J

    How do you 'get over' stuff?

    I thought some of you strong / tough minded people may be able to share how you 'get over' things. A friend of mine had a high risk pregnancy. She had a meeting with the boss to discuss when she would finish work. Her boss suggested that if financially they could cope that she leave asap and...
  4. S

    Someone is Parking in My Car Space

    Have an IP with a car space. We are looking at leasing the carspace separately. It is in a security parking area as you need a buzzer to enter and leave the car park. The other day when visiting the complex there was someone else's car parked in our designated carspace. Just wondering...