1. B

    Due Diligence

    Hi guys complete newbie here. Due diligence, I understand it to be in basic terms, making sure you dot your I's and cross your t's. But can anyone explain to me what the I's and t's actually are?? Does anyone use a dd checklist as such?
  2. M

    Reflections of an investment newbie

    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for quite some time now, but never have written a post (apart from PM's). Having just successfully bought and tenanted my first investment this week I think it's time I gave back to the forum and in particular to those who are starting out. Recently...
  3. R

    Pricefinder access for 2015

    Hi Everyone. Just wondering does anyone need access to Pricefinder for next year ( same thing as RP data tho better). We have a group and there are some spots that have become vacant & available now. email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  4. I

    Private Sale - how to prepare meeting

    We are in process of selling one of our Ip's and I have checked with the tenant to see if they are interested in purchasing. We will be having a meeting to discuss this, so far I have not engaged an Agent and I am confident to do the negations. Of course I would like to keep my cards close, but...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    How many suburbs are too many to focus on ? 5 too many ?

    Hi How many suburbs is too many to focus on? Is 5 too many? How many do you focus on when researching and buying?
  6. Jake Milne

    Information Sources used by a Buyers Agent

    Here’s some of my resource list. Contains investing info one may need to support decisions. Hope it helps... DATAHOUSE http://www.***************************/ FEDERAL...
  7. B

    NSW Pricefinder Group - any takers??

    Hi everyone Have been a long time reader of these forums, but have only just registered. I am looking to start (or join) a group of like-minded investors who are after a Pro subscribtion to Pricefinder for 1 year. (NSW Metro subscription) I had a 3 month free trial after subscribing to...
  8. P

    Infrastructure research

    I've heard that you can find where proposed shopping centres will be located through the Australian Bureau of Statistics but cannot find anything on this. Has anyone heard of this and knows where to find it? Thanks Josh
  9. V

    My search for land to subdivide

    Hi all, after a couple of buy-and-hold IPs I have decided to give the more active IP business a go. My goal is to buy a subdividable block of land within the next 6 months and have given me roughly: 1 month to find four areas I will focus on researching. 2-3 months to do detailed...
  10. Peter Parker

    A scientific method to compare the value of suburbs

    Some people base their buying decisions on an area's capital growth performance. While this might work in the early stages of a boom, it is only in hindsight that people pick this. Above average performance is often not sustained (ie revert to mean), sales data is imperfect, there are...