Pricefinder access for 2015

Hi Everyone.

Just wondering does anyone need access to Pricefinder for next year ( same thing as RP data tho better).

We have a group and there are some spots that have become vacant & available now.

email me at if you are interested.
You might be better off emailing Rod like he suggest... he usually only posts on SS once a year looking for people to join PDS list.


Silly me, I meant to say I sent an email. But thanks Rixter for re-enforcing that sending a PM may not be a good idea.

I need to read things more thoroughly in future!


Hi. to those who emailed me so far, i will get back to you tomorrow.

I should have said our area is the Full Pro package for all of NSW and QLD.

That's all the reports and everything they offer.many are geared for RE Agents.

All we really need is the price history and subsequent adjacent house history plus a bit more.

But PF also offer free price history data for the balance of the states they cover. Except Vic for some reason.the data were have for Vic isn't useful. Sorry about that. In fact i should ask PF if we can get some data for vic. Anyway we have full NSW and QLD and data they cover for other states they include.

Pls email me if interested....not a PM. Often don't get time to check for PMs.

Regards Rod.
just to make it clear, PF charge fees, and as such we all share the cost for our subscription.

i think some people who have replied might have thought i had a free service or was giving away open spots for free or something!!

anyway sorry if it was not totally clear. no such thing as a free lunch, worst luck. tho what we pay, its a triffle compared to what one might actually save when finding that underpriced bargain which might save tens of thousands of $$$.

Does anyone have a wa subscription?

Sanj, we have access to WA data. its not all the full reports we get for NSW and QLD but many of those are only good for agents. we get a full price history etc. i will have to find out from PF exactly which reports are covered for WA, but here is a screenshot i did of one search. has all the sales history data from what i can see.


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