1. M

    Not happy with PPOR unit after 6 months

    Hi all and happy new year!!! I've been thinking about posting this post for the past two months, so I have finally got off my *** to do so. My issue is this, I have had this place since mid last year and was thinking of either selling it after 12 months or renting it out after 12 months...
  2. T

    Which suburb to look at, 450K budget, 2 beds

    Hi All, I'm looking for my first home with 2 bedrooms and have a budget capped at $450K. Any suggestions on which suburbs to look at? Thanks.
  3. tempura

    Studio or 1 Bedroom - Under 300k (Syd)

    We've been looking for a unit for my mom to stay in. Budget is under 300k. Being Asian descent, I would prefer to put her in a suburb where Chinese/Cantonese would be either the majority or 2nd biggest group of the ethnic group. This is purely for her to be able to blend in easily to the...
  4. Spades

    1 Bed Unit for sale in Noble Park.

    Hi all, I've just listed a 1 bed unit in Noble Park. Listing here: (Link removed- OP request) Total Outgoings approx $2k per yr ie:body corp,council and water rates. Previously rented for $220pw. Block of 8,with a mix of owner occupiers and long term quiet tenants. Any questions just ask...
  5. M

    Getting started...

    Hi, Im just after a little pointer to look in the right direction. I am ambitious to get started in the property market and read information and seek others views every chance I can get but now I just seem to be going in circles so after reading many threads I wanted your advice :) I have been...
  6. M

    Settled yesterday as my new PPOR

    After living in a house my entire life with my folks, I will be in the coming weeks moving to my new 2 bed unit in a complex of 3 blocks. My block is 14 stories while the other is 17 stories followed by the third which is only 3 story walk up. I bought a corner lot as I see that as the selling...
  7. M

    Sydney Metro prices in year 2020?

    Just curious as to your views on the average house and unit medium in 2020? Do you think all 2 bed 650 ? 750k units within 10kms will be worth the 1 million mark? I'm talking the average units; not the already 1 mil units with top floor water views. How about houses in the south, east, north...
  8. Alex P Keaton

    APK's Development - Small unit

    APK's Development strategy - Ancillary unit - Dual income I have committed to a strategy with my BA and I'm keen to share my journey! I'll tell you a little about it. These are some notes I made. Total Loan borrowings $550 k - $600 k House $370 K Construction of a 2 bed 70 sqm...
  9. M

    Apartments with only one lift is not good?

    Hi all, Wanted to get your view on med high rise apartments with only one lift. For example, you have a complex of 3 - 4 buildings and each one only had one lift or one lift on either side of the building to serve that side of the building only. I find this to be horrible if for say...
  10. Alex P Keaton

    2 x 1 unit in Windsor

    What do you think of something like this? A unit in Windsor would be an affordable entry point to buy into an inner city suburb. These units I think would have good CG and becuase the cost price is lower the yield would be a bit higher than if I bought for over $400 K too. Group of 6 - a 2 x...
  11. P

    What kind of property do you invest in?

    What kind of property do you invest in? (Resi) Hi guys, Just thought I would throw a poll out there to see what kind of residential property types people on the forum do invest in. There always seem to be discussions around houses vs units etc, so thought it would benefit everyone. Cheers
  12. S

    Unit vs Townhouse vs House

    Hi, Everyone, I have about 130K cash and I am looking to buy my first interstate IP in Brisbane or Perth. I read the threads in this forum and I found a lot of people buy houses instead of buying unit or town house. My question is: why do so many people buy houses at a place without a...
  13. C

    Carlton 1 Bedroom Apartment

    Hi, I am looking at investing in this block http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Sale/Apartment-Unit-Flat/VIC/Carlton/?adid=2010540652 I just wanted to see what the wise people on here think :) Feel free to reply with a yes/no and why or elaborate if you wish!
  14. Perth Residential Unit Development

    Perth Residential Unit Development

  15. satch

    Understanding LMR zoning in Ashgrove Qld

    Good morning everyone What a great forum. Background: We have a 3 bed post-war on metal stumps (99 sq meters under roof) with internal stairs to under the house. The block itself is 500 sq meters zoned LMR with both neighboring blocks having 2 units each and lots of multi-level units up...
  16. streetie

    Bondi Junction unit, before & after pics

    Hey everyone, For those of you interested, below is a link to some before & after pics of my first IP which I bought in April 2011. Some facts about it: *Bondi Junction location. *1 Bed 1 bath 1 Car space. *Purchase price :399k *Was tennanted for 7 months at $395pw when purchased...
  17. Sign from across the road

    Sign from across the road

  18. Just finished installing banner

    Just finished installing banner

  19. just starting install of Banner

    just starting install of Banner

  20. Sign right next to road

    Sign right next to road