Sydney Metro prices in year 2020?

Just curious as to your views on the average house and unit medium in 2020? Do you think all 2 bed 650 ? 750k units within 10kms will be worth the 1 million mark? I'm talking the average units; not the already 1 mil units with top floor water views.

How about houses in the south, east, north and west within 30 km radius? Do you think they will rise by another 20 - 30%. A 850k house will rise up to 1.2 mil?

2020 seems a long time away but it's really only 6 years from now.
I reckon you'll need at least 600K to get a house in the Druitt by then.

I wonder what we'll be doing in 2020?:D
What factors would cause it to go up? Next big projects aren't till 2035.

I reckon it will stay fairly flat after next year. Maybe 5% up tops.
Having thrown the entrails of a freshly sacrificed tenant, I would hazard a guess that prices will have grown by 23.5-27.5% over this period barring a major correction or stagnation in prices (possibly caused by interest rates rises, changes to FHBG, FIRB rules etc).

So for the average punter (or the 2014 median house buyer at $850k) it will be around $1.05m - $1.08m.

The numbers postulated by MW assume a year on year growth of just under 6% (which is not sustainable). Historic growth is between 4-4.5% pa
based on median prices, anyone know a Sydney Metro suburb achieved double or more?
specifically median prices for a suburb, not individual properties you/your mate purchased at a discount or did reno.
shouldn't be that difficult right, since 2004-2005 was a large fall in Sydney across board?