ABC Learning - Anyone want to buy a boat?

Its mind blowing to think that he owed over 10 mil on both of his toys - that's 1 mil a year on interest alone - cant say I feel for him the greedy little man that he is
Worked his way up from nil so I admire that part. Got a bit too clever with all the inhouse deals (a bit like our old mates at McQuarie).

They get to a level and think they are bulletproof but sadly for them they are not. I'm sure he had an exit strategy/ getaway route in place so its not all bad.

The toys arent an issue for me, nor are the loans..............while it makes no sense to u or me, if its perceived that u can pay these things from recurring income thats not going to dry up, the all power to you.

The issue with ABC I believe is that we were doing the LOOPE thing in a very aggressive way.