Advertising call back rate from

I have an advertisement on through Landlordschoice. Area is great, price is right on the money and I think the ad is really good.

It went up Friday morning. I got one call booking an inspection straight away and at the Satuday inspection had 3 parties show up which was acceptable (considering it was sub 24 hours).

So far this week I have another inspection scheduled for Thursday night at 6:30pm where two people have been lined up via internet queries (I had to call them back).

My question is, is this hit rate expected? Is this normal/high/low?

Is it because I have 'too much' information in the ad? I have 10+ good quality pictures, most things are explained in the ad.

I won't link to it in case it's against the rules, but looking at all the other days it appears the PM's put up very bad quality pictures with nothing that explains the property. Is this by design or due to lazyness? Maybe there is a tried and tested technique of 'give little info as possible in the ad and allow them to fall in love with the place when they actually view it'?
I think you are thinking too much :D.

You have had some good inspections and interest in the place.

We have had times when we advertised in the newspaper where we had no calls at all, and the next weekend we had several. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it.

Internet brings more enquiries, which you seem to be getting, so I would just wait for the right one now.

Good luck.
Just thought I'd offer up my own limited but very recent experience of internet advertising.

I put a holiday rental add on which is a free service, allows you to upload photos etc..

Two weeks on the add has had approx 150 hits of which 4 people have contacted me. Out of the 4 I have made two future booking and haven't spent a cent!

I think you have done the right thing by offering up " too much information' as it ensures you're receiving calls from people who have seen and like the product.