advice - should I just let this sale go ahead ?

Hi people.

I've just sold a cheap little country block, with bungalow and shed, private sale via an internet ad and I'm a bit worried about it.

It turns out the guy's in Europe so he hasn't seen the place but said he saw photos and was very happy. But , the thing is I did have photos in the ad but that was an older ad from a few mth back.
Same website , so maybe he followed the ad for awhile, or maybe his mixed it up with another place as he says his moving his family to OZ.

So we've agreed on price , talked a bit more about the property and now it's gone to the solicitors and being fixed.
The thing is , this is just a cheap little country town block , it only has a little shed on it and small bungalow . The bungalows not connected, just sitting there straight off the truck. No way it would house a family.

There can be no mix up in ad replies from the website, each ad is it's own individual ad and contact but I'm worried he might think his bought a house . Or , I know his loaded so maybe his intending to buy a house somewhere and this is just an investment , but I'm not sure now. There was a full description in the ad and I did say that it could turn out a v/g investment due to the area .
My mate reckons, 'in his terms' bad luck don't worry about it just let it go ahead. And , if I speak up , maybe he is mixed up I blow the sale , which really I need as I have some financial troubles .

Any opinions ?
Hi Random,

You sound like a very nice person with a conscience, a rare trait these days!

I understand you need to offload it, but I would double check with the buyer. I guess it's the 'treat others as you would like to be treated' saying.

Whether he's loaded or not makes no difference. You sound like you know in your heart what the right action for you to take is.

Remember, karma's a ***** & she will come back & bite you!

Good luck :)
Thanks m&m .
Yeah karma's a worry but not so nice I just can't afford some rich pr'k on my case if there is a mix up , ahhh , or the solicitor's bill for getting 3/4 of the way through the sale when it's canceled .

So , i've decided to email him , pics the lot. I should know this arvo whether my financial worries are now over or , just beginning .

Don't think I'll check email until tomorrow !


PS , wonder how an agent would handle it , probably say tough if his bought the wrong place that's his problem.
I would be very wary of this. I had exactly the same email from someone overseas saying they worked on an oil rig and wanted to buy my car. Just send pictures as they wont be coming to see it, they were going to put it in a container and have it sent back to them. I figured it was one of those Nigerian scams and further down the track there would be a request for me to just pay for the container and they would reimburse me or something. I have since heard that is exactly what it is and they even have a fake paypal account set up which says they have paid when they haven't. So people have sent off their car and never been paid, maybe they just want your bank details. Be very wary and perhaps set up an entirely new bank account to receive any deposits.
Yeah to be honest that also crossed my mind , although as I said it's all through solicitors so of curse I hoped that was secure enough and usually payments go to your solicitor in trust first so !

Mind you , there are 1,000s of international people buying property here this yr apparently in Melbourne they're out buying the locals and making thing tough so it could easily be legit!

I'll see if I can get the solicitor checked out in another thread.