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From: Bill Thomson

Got a phone call today from somebody representing the ALBY Group. Knew I was interested in property investment and wanted to help me "secure properties at below market value" - i e. a buyers agent or similar.

I'm not likely to use this method at the moment but am into networking so wanted to know if anybody had info on these people - good or bad!

Email me if you don't want to post info on the forum but if they are ringing me they are probably ringing lots of us

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From: Mojo Jojo


I've had dealings with the Aldy Group but not the Alby Group.

Aldy are just a marketing company. You see them at contract signing time. They are all over you then on the benefits of negative gearing and helping you start in Investment Property.

We had a close family friend doing some work for them. He must have got his payment because I haven't seen him in a long time. Maybe he will be back when we financial recover. They do not appear to be interested in follow up or keeping you informed. That unfortunately has been my experience.

The recently released book by the Wakelin's titled Streets Ahead gives some suggestions as what to ask a property adviser before you use them. Have a read of that before you go with Aldy.

Mojo Jojo
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From: Bill Thomson

Thanks everybody. My queries have been resolved. It was as people have mentioned the ALDY group - I obviously misheard the name.

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