Annoying Conveyancers!

From: Michael G


Maybe have your solicitor lodge an application for funds against the other solicitor's company's indemnity insurance :) That would be interesting considering its the same company :p He'd be suing his own company :)

I guess it would be a matter of contacting the regulatory body of solicitors and ask what action can be taken. At first don't mention that they work for the same company, just see what their initial suggestion is, then mention that fact and see if they change their advice.

Michael G
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From: Duncan M

>I'll be having my first body
>corporate meeting in the next
>couple of weeks and it's going
>to be embarrassing if I still
>can't say when the arrears are
>going to be paid.

What are you concerned about? Perhaps the laws are different in NSW(?) but in SA there's no requirement on you to bring the arrears up to date.

The Strata group is free to pursue the Vendor for their arrears, refer any queries from them to the Vendor.

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From: Juzz O'K

Threaten to give there name out publicly
on the forum.
I think we'd all like to know which company
your dealing with.

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