Anyone up for a game of hangman?

Or less entertaining but probably more appropriate start a discussion on Europeans sovereign debt problems. :D
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Will the EU/IMF let Greece go to the wall?

Will Greece finally default anytime soon?

Will the other domino's follow?

Anyone place a bet on sportsbet or (heaven forbid in the market) on Greece defaulting when/why/if?

curious pundit with to much time on his hands would like to know, other peoples opinion :p
Hi Jonril,

Depends on what interests are served by those who look to gain (cashflow) from the bailout. Expect some potential for continuing civil unrest as the demands and offers continue to play ping pong.

They are a somewhat fiery bunch my ancestors......albeit sometimes more bark than bite ;) Hope it doesn't get too nasty in the streets. My elderly mother is over there at present visiting her sister and some other relatives. She left Athens last week although is in Thesaloniki......a not insignificant metropolis either.

Peace :)