ANZ LVR Back up to 95%

Awesome. Now if only my DSR wasn't shot to pieces due to wifey being on maternity leave.

In 2006 I managed to get a 95% top up on an inner-city CBD apartment with ANZ. Good times.
That's great, but a lot will still depend on the LMI people, and just 'cos they say you can get 95% doesn't mean you will. LMI croonies will ask for everything, including the colour of your jocks, before you're likely to get any money over 80%!
For existing home loan clients that have/will have over $500k in borrowing with no capping of LMI over 95%. By existing they mean have an existing loan for 6 months+.
Awesome news indeed.

Good thing about ANZ is they do their own LMI (underwritten by QBE) so much more sensible approach than the actual mortgage insurers themselves.