Ask your neigbours before selling

From: Jay Hunter

just thought I would pass this on to anyone who is selling (even though no one sells :))

If you do want to sell and you insist on using an agent... make sure you do yourself a favour and at least speak with your neighbours before signing any contract... as your neighbors may have more motivation to buy or know someone (relatives, friends etc...) who want to buy. This could save on handing over commission for nothing!

I didn't happen to me but have recently heard of just the scenario.

hope it helps someone.
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Ask your neigbours to sell

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From: Michael Croft

Hi Jay,

This is a slight twist on your idea. I have a standing order with all my adjoining neighbours; "if you want to sell at some stage in the future please talk to me first."

This does several things; I get first bite at an adjoining property, I get to met the neighbours, they tend to keep an eye on the properties and keep me advised of adverse events.

I have bought several properties that adjoin mine this way. Usually at slightly below market using valuers and eliminating the agents commission. The benefit to me were blocks side by side for redevelopment.

If you don't ask...................

Michael Croft
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From: Fiona W

I agree with this, as we had just evicted a tenant and were about to go in and repaint, recarpet etc. etc. A neighbour just happened to pass by and we got talking, and we ended up selling the property to her before actually doing any work! Good for us, and good for her!
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From: Asy .

One thing we are taught in Real-Estate-School is to door-knock the neighbours immediately after listing a property.

Not only is there a chance that you will sell the property to one of them, but you may also pick up a listing! (ever wondered how boards seem to congregate??)

Oops, there I go giving away trade secrets again...

Oh well..


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From: Robert Forward

Asy, you will be kicked out of the Real Estate Agency Guilde for giving away secrets like that.


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