Bali - Losari Hotel, Adi Dharma Hotel ?

Hi guys

Need some help! Haha maybe Travel bug can help me too!

I'm going to Bali on an end of season sports trip with my mates. Excited :)

Never before been overseas so very inexperienced.

I dont want to spend the $1,500 plus for a 5 star hotel some are staying at. Want to spend around the $1000 mark. The package includes 5 nights, 6 days accommodation and flights included.

I'm tossing up between the Losari Hotel (2 star) $918 and Adi Dharma Hotel (3 star) $998 and the Rama Garden Hotel $983

Anyone stayed at these hotels? I dont want to be too far away from the others who are staying at the beachside 5 star hotels in Legian like Alum Kulkuul Resort. I'm thinking it would be about a 10 minute walk to where the others will be staying?

What hotel is nice? I want something that is good value for money.

Adi Dharma?

Losari looks good online however its only a 2 star and I'm wondering why its only 2 stars.

Perhaps I should go with Adi Dharma which is 3 stars.

Any tips and advice about Bali and the Legion area would be great

thanks :)
The BESTEST forum for Bali is, although TA has hotel reviews that are easier to find. We have been to Bali five times now and are leaving in THREE WEEKS TIME to go to Lombok and Bali. Cant wait.
I would avoid a package deal.

Depending on when you plan to go over, you could get some cheap priced flights, say $150-350 return. Provided you have some time up your sleeve, there should be good priced flights around. We just booked for July for $330 return per person.

Then find/book a place via I have stayed in some nice places for between 30-100 per night for a couple (also spent a month in Indo solo doing it $5-10 per night, these places you can't book online though).

I would also stay away from high rise hotels. You can get great little villas or rooms which sit surrounded by garden, near a pool, etc. Lots of options around Legian and Seminyak.

For example

If you limit yourself to "10 minutes walking distance" your options will be significantly reduced. However, if you think in terms of "5 minutes by scooter" there is a lot more available.
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