Building Career as A Real Estate Agent

Hi Everyone

I have just finished my undergrad and currently living in Sydney, Australia. Now I need to know if I want to become a real estate agent then is it necessary to have a licence. If so then how can I get that? And also is there any training institute who offers training course on this? Any advice regarding this issue will be highly appreciated.

To work for an agent you need a certificate in property services. You dont need a full license unless you want to be a principal.

As for builing your career... dont be a completely useless moron and you will be ahead of 99% of your peers and make a killing :)
If you have completed your undergrad at either UTS or UWS you should be able to submit your application for registration or a full licence (if you have the current qualification, grab the maximum). You should also be able to register as a valuer (restricted licence).
Your should be able to do a certificate course at Tafe, Australian Colledge of Professionals, REI and many others. Courses could be a 1 week course, 1 weekend course, 1 day course, 6 mths course and vary in cost. Good luck
Thanks a lot guys for your replies.And thanks for suggesting those links too. After so much of discussion with my friends and family I am finally doing a training course under Reet. Finally on the way to Real Estate Agent. Thanks :)