Building insurance for strata duplex with no body corp


Finance has gone unconditional on 1 strata titled duplex in perth which is in a group of 4, but has no body corp.

I am trying to arrange building insurance but heaps of the insurers dont seem to cover building insurance for strata (eg qbe, terry scheer) - contents only.

Anyone have experience with this, who did you go with? :confused:

Ive tried calling RAC but closed for the public holiday - it seems this could be a winner - I didnt see anything on their PDS about not covering strata, and it didnt ask me on the quote if the house is green title or strata?

My PPOR was a H&L package i had built on a strata titled block. I rang around a few insurers and none of them wanted to know anything about it. GIO was the one that came through for me.